Small apartments

Salva46: mini apartment project from Studio P10

Salva46 mini apartment project: compact kitchen with dining area

Key features

The project of a mini-apartment, designed by designersSpanish Studio Studio P10, together with specialists of Miel Arquitectos, makes you wonder how subjective the perception of space is and how much our assessment depends on its visual characteristics. The room they have decorated is clearly divided into two independent sections, each of which contains in turn four functional areas. The guidelines for the authors of the project were the basic needs of a modern city dweller for sleep, work, rest and hygiene. The goal was set - to ensure a balance between psychological and physical comfort. Separate sections are located on the side of the main facade, and from each of them there is access to a central common space that combines a kitchen, dining room and utility rooms.


Taking into account the compact dimensions of the room,designers especially carefully thought out ways to ensure privacy to apartment dwellers. Throughout the day, tenants have the opportunity to stay in solitude and rest from the hustle and bustle due to the presence of partially separated zones, which at the same time remain accessible to the penetration of sunlight. At night sections turn into separate apartments with the help of sliding doors. The ceiling height of 3.4 meters - undeniableadvantage of the interior, which made possible the arrangement of multifunctional mezzanine levels. These fancy designs hang looming over the beds, but the authors of the project vouch for their safety and offer to evaluate the merits of such a decision. Perhaps someone will be interested in the fact that the partially glazed bathroom walls not only provide the penetration of daylight inside, but also allow you to see from above what is happening in it ...


Eco-friendly, recycled andrecycled materials formed the basis of the decor, guaranteeing its expressiveness and uniqueness. So, cement tile, produced by the method of hydraulic pressing, decorated the walls of the apartment before the reconstruction: the architects carefully dismantled it, polished it and used it again for finishing. The kitchen set, which has already served other people, has been adapted to the requirements of the space and updated in accordance with the chosen concept. The spectacular parquet, in which the modern character is guessed, contrasts with the cracks and irregularities of the 19th century brickwork. It feels as if you are looking at an old photo of someone's apartment on it: the whitewashed walls look so authentic. Their uncovered flaws do not escape attention, which is why the interior seems habitable, has a history and is unique. The image complements the furniture - simple, comfortable and stylish. Of course, these mini-apartments can not be calledexamples of practicality. However, the authors of the project did not seek to make them as such. Compliance with the lifestyle of a modern city dweller is a property that should be considered key for the interior presented here. Would you like to call such an apartment your home?