The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

The designer herself: an eclectic studio of interior journalist Anastasia Kuzmenko

How to make repairs without the help of a designer? How to combine different styles in the interior? How to explain to the repair team what is required of them? In this article - a real story about the first design experiment of the journalist portal It was in this article that the editors decided not to interfere in the author's text sent to us by a girl who ventured to make repairs on her own, without a designer. Because this girl is one of our most valuable employees: interior journalist Anastasia Kuzmenko. We give her the floor. - Let's get acquainted. My name is Anastasia Kuzmenko. Perhaps you are reading my articles on Today I will tell you about the experimental design project that I managed to implement, despite the lack of practical experience and crisis times. Anastasia Kuzmenko, interior journalist It all started with the fact that I started writing for interior magazines. Looking through dozens of photos of fashionable interiors every day, I began to quietly hate the faceless "design" of my apartment, which I got along with the documents for ownership, and where we lived together with my husband for five years. When my discontent with the surrounding space reached a maximum, at the next family council it was decided to repair, though not the entire apartment, but only the main (studio) part. The transformation of the bedrooms and the bathroom was postponed for financial reasons.

Style Selection

After a brief introspection, it turned out that myAesthetic preferences are rather contradictory. On the one hand, I'm delighted with the light and light Scandinavian interiors, and on the other - I feel a deep sympathy for the brutal lofts. In reflections on how to combine both these styles in one space, the idea of ​​white brick walls was born, which became the starting point of the whole project.

Decorative Tricks

It seemed to me to look at the brickworkRisky occupation, given that the builders could not vouch for the outcome of this event. Therefore, as a decoration of the walls was chosen gypsum tile for brick. To my husband's surprise, when the works on its laying were finished, it turned out that the tiles look much warmer than you could imagine. Fake in the interior is not just a brick. As an original accent and part-time shelves, I decided to equip a decorative fireplace mantel. There were no problems with the ideas of registration, as I recently wrote an article on this topic, but it was more difficult to realize these very ideas. In local construction shops, I could not find any required gypsum pads, nor an aged mirror for the interior decoration of the portal. As a result, we, together with the guys from the repair team, blinded the fireplace from what was. However, I still found the mirror (in another city).

A bit of turquoise

I am of the opinion that any brightThe interior looks rather boring, if it does not have bright accents. I adore turquoise shades (as you could guess from the color of my jacket), so I decided to cover the main wall with contrasting turquoise wallpaper. In their support in the interior is hexagonal floor tiles, which are laid floors in the corridor and in the kitchen.

Dreams Come True

While working on the design of my studio, I decidedExecute the maximum number of a long list of their design desires. So on one of the walls there was a retro poster with a completely themed slogan, Edison's decorative lamp in the bar lamp, upholstered cupboard over the refrigerator, a coffee table-transformer and a large, comfortable and very hospitable sofa. Perhaps someone will think that the sofa is too big for my modest studio of 27 square meters, but now I no longer need to bring visitors to the living room chairs and ottomans from other rooms. And, in my opinion, it is worth it to slightly break the scale. During the repair occurred as unpleasantUnexpected, for example, delay in delivery or lack of ordered materials, and lucky accidents: the facade of the kitchen (with the effect of cracks and patina), I absolutely casually saw one of the warehouses of the construction company. The canvas was in a single copy and was not even cataloged. It was definitely fate! As a person who has experienced firsthand what it means to make repairs without a 3D project and without the help of a professional designer, I can say that this is possible. My puzzle is formed, and the studio looks exactly like I drew it in my imagination. I hope this example will inspire one of our readers to their own design exploits. Photographer Dmitry Pratsun