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A role model: the ideal black and white interior in Paris


Visualization of these luxury apartments in ParisWas called by critics and designers the ideal black and white interior right after its appearance. Can I use these ideas in an ordinary house? Let's see how it's done

Almost two dozen incredibly realisticImages of this interior was distributed by Israeli Ando Studio. In 2011, it was founded by architect Aziz Oren and graduate of MARHI, interior designer Anna Epstein. Each digital visualization made by them became a major event in the professional world - a fountain of fresh ideas. It is ideas in the field of design and architecture that are the main product of the studio. The authors do not comment on their work. All that we know - the interior was commissioned by a private individual for apartments in indecent expensive Saint-Germain, near the Luxembourg Gardens and Central Park in Paris. But European reporters this legend did not take: the design is too similar to a theatrical scenery, as if specially designed to bring back to life the irritating word "glamor". And what else, on the other hand, should there be a luxurious apartment in the most pompous district of the world's fashionable capital? The pure invention of talented hoaxers: The star of Hollywood, who needs a comfortable night's lodging for the Paris fashion week, a wealthy narcissus ... For whom and for what this interior was not created, he strikes with the expressive aesthetics of art deco, filigree work with color and shape and retained functionality. The classical black and white palette with gilded accents of accessories prevails throughout the space, and the dark brown wood adds warmth.

The most difficult is very whimsical, but carefullyVerified decoration. This is an amazing collection of diverse and dissimilar items, which in each of the rooms are easily and logically combined into organic eclecticism. Classic elements with Victorian shades are combined with vintage furniture and separate, almost futuristic details. The lounge zone is perhaps the most "playful". This feeling creates two purple spots - chairs, and amplify - prints, photographs and paintings on the walls. One of them - in the genre of "op-art" (fascination with optical illusions of the second half of XX century) - combines numerous elements with a geometric pattern.

The leading role went to the world. The decorators used literally all the available options: from built-in light bulbs and a hanging candelier (in the bathroom) to the sconce and a variety of floor lamps. In some places they create real light installations and emphasize the "theatricality" of the interior better than any soffit. Light, both artificial and fluorescent, is reflected in the gloss of the marble floor, casts glare on the white walls and ceiling and creates a feeling of maximum openness, air in the room, which does not suffer from lack of space. Classical division of doors and walls into elongatedrectangles, moldings and discreet white stucco create additional verticals and work for the idea of ​​catchy luxury. ... This is especially noticeable in the image overlooking the kitchen with gilded fronts. Their solidity and striped pattern visually pull the picture up and into the distance, and remind of palace enfilades. Among all this royal luxury andShameless abundance there was a place for easy self-irony. Candlesticks and gears are obviously borrowed from steampunk (quite a modern hobby for the style of Victorian technology), and funny figurines in the shape of corals echo with a hand in an artistic gesture depicted in the photo next.

The decor and decor of the apartment seem to play withSpectator, infinitely referring to different styles, epochs and to each other, locked inside - you can consider the details indefinitely. This creates a sense of "museum" of the interior. But this does not mean that ideas that you might like can not be realized. On the contrary. The model is created using real materials, furniture, textiles and accessories. And we even know where you can find very similar.

Julia Yauk, a monobrand salon Eichholtz:

- Perhaps we are the only salon in Moscow whereyou will be able to see such decor items in sufficient quantity. We also have furniture that is suitable in style, and not only in white or black colors, but also in gold, warm brown tones or bright, saturated, like chairs in the living room. We also offer a very large selection of accessories and furniture with geometric patterns, round and square mirrors, candlesticks of various shapes and materials. And we can definitely help you if you are interested in unusual lighting effects created by designers. Similar luminaires of all these shapes and functions are in our collections and are available to our customers.