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What to buy at IKEA: designer's choice -

The best means to combat autumn depression -Shopping. And the most useful shopping is to buy something for your favorite home. For the excellent mood and nice things that will transform the interior, the editorial team went to IKEA and took with them a designer, so that the choice of subjects was conscious. The result of our foray is 15 subjects, with which it will be more pleasant to live, more stylish and cozy. Autumn evenings do not always allow you to enjoy the weather or walk around the city - rains, then a strong wind force us to spend more time at home. The beginning of cold weather and weather change are excellent conditions for the fall melancholy, but how to cope with this and prevent the melancholy coming to your house? This is what we decided to ask designer Ruslan Kirnichansky. Ruslan Kirnichansky, architect, designer, expert and design critic. He is engaged in a variety of activities: construction of buildings, and work with interior space. It conducts projects both in Russia and in Western Europe.

- The best remedy for any longing is a changeThe situation, whether it is a trip to exotic countries or a change of wardrobe. Melancholy is knocking at the door? We need to change something, so let's start at home, and since few can afford to survive the onset of cold weather on the shores of the warm sea, we will look for upgrade options closer to us. We will update our dwelling. For this, we need one evening, which I propose to hold at IKEA.

One of the rainy September evenings I spent and that's what I found interesting: Comfortable armchair and warm plaid

When the window is cloudy and it rains with a thunderstorm,Can there be anything better than to boil a good coffee and sitting in a comfortable armchair with a backboard to indulge in reading the book of your favorite author or just dreaming and making plans for the winter?

If it becomes cold, then save from draftsCan a soft and warm plaid, especially since the heating season has not yet begun. I chose a knitted plaid of a coffee shade: only his appearance already evokes pleasant emotions and associations. Metal kitchen fronts

Cooking coffee is pleasant on modern andTechnological kitchen. And do not replace it with facades? Most kitchen manufacturers are focused on the standard sizes of components, so the renovation of the kitchen will take quite a bit of time and money: the cabinets and shelves remain old, it's enough to replace the front panels - and you have a new kitchen. I liked the metal facades, they will make the kitchen more "working", in addition, they are easier to keep clean. Metal handles for kitchen facades

To replace the kitchen façades you will need a master,Who hangs them and sets up suitable hinges, and wants immediately, or in the evening, upon returning home. And maybe replace the handles on the facades? These small and comfortable metal handles fit into any kitchen and bring novelty to it. In addition, these handles are suitable for updating the chest or wardrobe. Wooden folder and shelving

Autumn is a good time to put things in order.Your workplace, and this will help us store folders. They can expand all the documentation for projects and articles, and store these folders conveniently on the shelf. In addition, the shelves are ideal for magazines. Now I know where to place a collection of your favorite interior publications and catalogs. This rack will never become superfluous in the house, since it can be used in different scenarios: place it in the office and it will become a convenient place for storage. If you put it in the center of the room, you can divide it into two parts, which is important for small flats or rented: do not re-plan effectively, and to change and divide space with furniture (shelving) is quite an acceptable and interesting task. Figurine made of wood

On the shelf I put a wooden figure, whichFound here, in the store. The white wooden form can become not only an element of a decor, but also a subject of pride. This will require paint, which can be purchased here, a fantasy and a free evening. This skate can be taken for the future: if desired, you can paint it yourself. The activity is fascinating and interesting, which guarantees a flight of imagination, not melancholy. Cast-iron pot and set of dishes

I forgot to say that in the kitchen department II looked at something else, but not for myself, since I myself do not practice it myself. Cast-iron quality cookware for cooking is very important, the food in it turns out to be excellent. Here is another way to defeat the autumn spleen: come with small gifts to visit, where you are expected and loved.

In addition to the cast iron, I took cooking equipment - in the house of a good housewife they would never be superfluous, although this would be the second or third ladle. Ruslan liked nine more things with which you can make an entire interior: STOCKHOLM Three-seat sofa, Hammelbu light brown IDDINGEN Single sink, white BJURSTA Sliding table, brown-black Bottle, clear glass The cabinet-showcase, brown BERNHARD Chromed chair, Kawat dark brown SITTING Equipment for salads, 2 items, black SITTNING Napkin, different colors, gray WINTER 2015 Non-aromatic candle shaped, gray