Armchair from plywood own hands: tools and materials

The chair appears as such a piece of furniture,which will help you relax, relax your soul and body. Its soft base comfortably soothes, and natural materials cause pleasant feelings. This attribute of furniture can be purchased in the store, which offers a large number of chairs from rattan, wood, cane. Rockers are not at all. To make it, you can use plywood as an elastic, pleasant and environmentally clean material. Such products are not cheap, but they constitute a worthy competition to the usual and not very safe material of fiberboard. Sketches of an armchair for cutting out from plywood. allows you to save money, because you have to spend only on the purchase of materials. In addition, the installation is not difficult. Such a piece of furniture can perfectly decorate any room, especially country cottages and country houses. Possible flaws are easily concealed with the help of fabric design and painting.

How to start manufacturing

Detailed drawing of an armchair from plywood. To make an armchair, it is important to prepare the following tools and materials:

  • plywood with a thickness of 15-20 mm;
  • emery cloth;
  • electric drill;
  • electric jigsaw;
  • Screws;
  • thin nails with wide hats;
  • metal rims;
  • joiner glue;
  • foam rubber (8 cm);
  • artificial leather;
  • gloss black paint;
  • stain;
  • roulette;
  • painting tape;
  • pencil.

Before you start usingcertain material, it is necessary to carry out surface treatment with special means in advance. This will save the ground from the effects of external factors. This means staying in the open air. You can put the finished product under a canopy on the summer terrace, in the gazebo, on the porch of the mansion, in the barbecue area, in the meadow, by the pool. Back to contents</a>

Calculation of materials and production of a template

Armchair from a sheet of plywood: top view with dimensions. Birch plywood is used as a material for manufacturing the chair. Its thickness will correspond to 4, 10 and 15 mm. For work tools and elementary skills of work with wood will be useful also. It is important to note that the supports and side parts are trimmed with plywood from 15 mm in thickness, while for backrest and seat installation a material of 10 mm is required. Before carrying out the main activities, it is necessary to draw up a detailed drawing. You can draw it yourself or use help. The initial stage of the work will be preparing templates from paper or paperboard. They are made in real scale. The outlines of these blanks are transferred to the prepared plywood. Later from these patterns the necessary details are cut out. These parts are cleaned, sanded with a different degree of density. Priming of parts and their painting should be carried out in disassembled form. However, before carrying out such work, it is necessary to check the conformity of dimensions, to assemble an armchair. Possible shortcomings can be corrected. Drawing of the front legs for a chair made of plywood. To make a chair from plywood, most often use a traditional scheme that has side parts that resemble a banana or a boomerang, and cross strips. Before the beginning of the work should be cut out the cardboard base, a kind of template. Lateral elements, support slats will be mounted from 15-20 mm thick plywood. The most important details of the whole construction will be the sidewalls. There are some difficulties with their measurement, because they have a non-standard shape and unstable width. Therefore, proceeding to the drawing of the template, it is necessary to draw blindly. It is necessary to determine the size, angle of bending and tilt of the forthcoming sample. To ensure the most comfortable conditions, you can draw a drawing on any solid material. This will help to check if the correct angle is available. Such a pattern is easily placed on the floor and swinging. Choosing the dimensions of the cross bars, you can make them a length of 60 cm and a width of 7 cm, as often happens. The supports are mounted from plywood with a thickness of 20 mm and 5-7 cm in length. Back to contents</a>

Wood processing: nuances

Drawing of the "ridge" element for a chair made of plywood. The surface of the plywood should be prepared for work. For this you can use a high-quality grinding machine. Strip the surface layer and remove the chamfers will not be difficult. Particular attention should be paid to the end parts. A quality grinding machine will help sand the surfaces and remove small chamfers in a short time. Given the dampness in the street, special attention should be paid to the end parts. To do this, they must be soaked with warmed linseed oil and flatten the fibers with a hammer. This method helps to avoid excessive absorption of moisture. Back to contents</a>

Making the frame of the chair

In order for the chair to be smooth and regular,should take the previously prepared template and put it on plywood. After that, you can circle it with a pencil. Then a saw is cut by an electric jig saw. The consumption of plywood for this chair: 1 sheet with dimensions of 1250x2500 mm. The other side part is made in a similar way. Both parts must be exactly the same. After that, the obtained elements are sanded with sandpaper. Then it is possible to fasten the support bars to the sidewalls. This can be done with joinery glue. To keep the bars as solid as possible, they can be additionally fixed with screws. The position of the bars should be equal to the lateral parts. The back of the chair must be fixed on them. It is very important to observe the accuracy, since the slightest irregularity will lead to the skewing of the transverse rails. To prevent such missteps, it is necessary to measure this distance with particular scrupulousness. On the bars of the upper row should be screwed with screws one of the racks. Other slats are mounted similarly. In this way the skeleton of the product is made. Back to contents</a>

Making out the soft part of the chair

Tools for metalwork: 1 - steel ruler; 2 - protractor; 3 - compasses; 4 - the devil; 5 - table vise; 6 - manual vice; 7 - files; 8 - hammer; 9 - hand shears; 10 - hacksaw; 11 - adjustable wrenches; 12 - pliers; 13 - soldering iron; 14 - hand drill; 15 - table anvil; 16 - table-top sharpener; 17 - chisel; 18 - punch; 19 - core. To make the chair look nice and interesting, it is necessary to cover it with a cloth. Do not forget about the details of the plywood, which are painted. The lateral parts can be treated with a stain of any tone. To give a deeper shade, you should go through this composition 2 times. The inside of the sides is painted black with a glossy base. In order to provide reliable protection against dyeing unnecessary parts, you can use a special painting tape. The ends of the sidewalls should be reinforced with metal rims. Their dimensions should correspond to the dimensions of these parts of the chair. They are fixed to the points that will be in contact with the floor surface. The rims are fixed with screws, and the holes must be drilled with an electric drill. The diameter of the drill should be equal to the thread size of the screw. Screws of self-tapping screws are best closed with plugs. They are sold in specialized stores in a large number and different colors. To give the rocking chair a softness, you can make a cover of artificial leather. It will be nice to sit and sit. Skin replacer can be chosen in any color. At first, the chair back is removed from the back. To the frame the fabric is fixed with small studs with volume hats. At the rear, the upholstery is fixed along the edges of the transverse parts, in front it covers the bars at the top and bottom. For the base to become the most durable, the fixing points should be reinforced with joinery glue. The mattress, that is, the soft seat of the chair, is made of foam rubber with a thickness of 8 cm. You can trim the outer part of the seat with the same leatherette. Back to contents</a>

Important points

To ensure maximum comfort,you can make a removable seat cover. Such an object will be fixed at the frame and have a soft shell of foam rubber. Externally, the mattress can be issued at your discretion. You can make a mosaic pattern or application. Materials can be used any. The main condition will be a general correspondence to the appearance of the room. A chair made by yourself will give a lot of positive emotions and help you relax and relax. Speaking about the design of the whole chair, you can pick up any variations that correspond to the preferences of the master. So, the side details can be painted with a brown paint, the racks can be treated with stain or completely abandoned. Surface can be impregnated with furniture varnish. Before carrying out such work, it is necessary to grind the surface. As an analog of the chair you can make a sofa of this type. It will be more broadly grounded. </ ul>