Organization of space

Secret room: invisible doors in the interior


Everyone in their childhood dreamed of a hidden door that wouldLed to a mysterious, unexplored world, well, or at least to the next room. Now this is possible thanks to a new "invisible-door" trend. Want to find a way out of the room - will have to try The invisible doors are very popular today and they came to us not from fairy tales. This is a very real design that allows you to create amazing and uncommon interiors, embody the bold decisions of designers and at the same time be virtually invisible. And how they manage to do it, now we will find out.

What is this miracle design?

The whole structure is based on an aluminum frame,recessed flush with the wall. There are also hidden hinges, and the absence of platbands completely deprives such a door of any sign of its presence in the room when it is closed. Want to make it top secret? Then for this it is necessary to trim it with the same material as the walls. This option is simply excellent for those who want to hide the entrance to the pantry, wardrobe or bathroom. Our opinion: - Invisible doors will be relevant in any style solution, so if you had any doubts about this, throw them aside. They will be a magnificent decoration of the room and, for all their invisibility, they can become a bright accent in the interior. To make the door even moreinvisible, you can hang pictures or posters on it. And then no one will guess exactly where your bathroom is actually hidden - this is exactly what the designer Maria Kartashova did in one of her projects, removing the doors to the bathroom and dressing room from prying eyes. But Helen and Michael Miroshkin from Geometrix Design was faced with the task of making the walk-through living room cozy and intimate. For this, they also chose invisible doors, which visually disappeared into the wall.

Secrets of disguise

Material options for invisible doorsThere are many, among them - wood, metal, glass and acrylic. The surface is also made of mirror, lacquered and veneer. Nothing prevents them from covering with wallpaper or painting under the color of the walls. There are cases when the design is ordered from floor to ceiling, which makes such doors even more original and unusual.

Where to put

The question arises:and in what partitions can such doors be installed? The answer is very simple: any. The main thing is that their thickness is not less than 8 centimeters. Standard frames are designed for typical openings of 10-11 centimeters, but individual sizes can also be ordered. Our opinion: - If you live in a small apartment, then invisible doors will be an excellent option for you. At their expense, the space will visually expand, and the old doorway will no longer violate the integrity of the room, which will improve the overall aesthetic component. Maria Talmacheva, the founder of the INDIZAYN studio,Wanted to create a cozy bedroom, in which there would be a large number of wooden surfaces. The area of ​​the room is 16 square meters, so in order to visually the space seemed freer, the choice fell on the invisible door, and also wooden, so that as a result it merged perfectly with the whole wall. In this youth bedroom the door was painted inBright yellow color, due to which it perfectly merges with the wall and performs its "invisible" function. Designer Diana Hannanova tried to create a fresh, bright interior, and she did it perfectly.

Installation Thinness

Unlike the usual door, which is put alreadyAt the finish repair stage, the invisible doors are installed at the draft stage. This is done because the aluminum frame should be primed and putty to subsequently perform decorative application.,,,,,,,