House and Cottage

The secret shelter of the heroine of the "X-Files": the fairy-tale house of Gillian Anderson in Sri Lanka

August 9 celebrates the birthday of actressGillian Anderson, better known as Dana Scully from the series "The X-Files". We suggest you transfer to the mysterious island of Sri Lanka and admire the house belonging to the birthday girl. This charming house, lost in the beautiful jungle of Sri Lanka, Gillian Anderson acquired in 2008. More than 3 years, she spent on the reconstruction and interior decoration of the mansion. It was very difficult to design the rooms, because some of them are so huge that they can easily accommodate an elephant. So, for example, in a drawing room the ceiling height reaches 12 m. The interior of the house is made in colonial style. Items of furniture and decor are very few, but they are carefully selected. The situation is built on the contrast of dark cumbersome wooden furniture (cabinets, beds) and brighter exquisite things (sofas, armchairs in satin upholstery). Soft classical forms of some objects soften the rough geometry of others. Particular attention should be decorated rooms. The floors are covered with a board from a rare Burmese teak. And the ceiling in the main living room without exaggeration can be called a work of art. Fine patterns in the form of a lotus flower belong to the brush of the Spanish artist Nuria Lamsdorff (Nuria Lamsdorff). Unobtrusive interior, full of naturalmaterials, perfectly harmonizes with the beautiful views that open from all windows. Despite the large size of the rooms, the atmosphere in them has a seclusion and rest. It was this effect that Gillian Anderson sought. She conceived this house as a kind of shelter, giving the opportunity to hide from the impetuous and chaotic modern world.

Secrets of interior design from Gillian Anderson

  • Large space does not always requirepurchase a huge amount of furniture and accessories. If the room is notable for its impressive area and has high ceilings, choose bulky interior items. They are convenient and practical. With their help, you can decorate the home without going into such extremes as the uncomfortable emptiness or clutter of space.
  • Natural materials always look expensive. Thanks to their use, you can improve the status of the interior.
  • Elements of art in the house - a sign of goodtaste. However, paintings and sculptures are not always appropriate and financially accessible. In this case, you should use the painting. It does not matter what it covers - the lid of the dresser or the ceiling. In any case, the features of your interior will become more refined.