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We choose garden furniture: 10 models with prices and addresses of shops

If you are going to live in the country before October,Perhaps you should already now buy beautiful and comfortable furniture for the garden. Our review with prices and addresses of shops will help you make a choice. For those who like to spend time in the country in complete solitude, there is a wide choice of rocking chairs and hanging chairs. Enamored couples often purchase a double swing and on small cozy benches (forged or rattan). A large company will require more pieces of furniture. For example, you should pay attention to the lounge areas with soft sofas or pillows. Such kits often include armchairs, chairs and tables for tea drinking. Most often garden furniture is made of rattan, plastic or wood, but there are forged options (they are the most durable).

Our opinion

Choosing a wooden or wicker from rattanFurniture, remember that both these materials are afraid of moisture. Some models are treated with special solutions that protect wood and rattan from the negative effects of sun and rain. But such samples are best placed under a canopy, umbrella or on the terrace: so you can extend the life of your garden furniture. A more practical alternative to these materials is plastic and artificial rattan: they are not afraid of heat and cold, they are not afraid of rain or scorching sun rays. Today we have prepared for you an overview of 10 stylishModels of garden furniture. These are chairs, chairs, sofas, tables and lounge areas. 1. Couch with canopy Dreux Price - from 123 750 rubles. Brand: Ebel The first set, which we propose to pay attention to, is a couch from the American brand Ebel (from the collection of Dreux). It is made in the form of an elegant sofa with canopy-canopy, which in a hot summer day can be protected from direct sunlight. The couch is made of natural rattan, and the canopy is made of textiles impregnated with a special waterproof compound. Soft mattresses provide complete relaxation and comfort. The decoration of the kit is 5 stylish pillows. 2. A set of furniture "Kungsholmen" / "Hollo" Price - 16 393 rubles p. Brand: IKEA The next set that we liked - "Kungsholmen" / "Hollo" from the famous Scandinavian brand IKEA. Budget variant of quality designer furniture. It is so universal that you can arrange its elements yourself as you like. For example, if you put 2 chairs together, you get a great sofa. If desired, you can separate the chairs and arrange them in different parts of the recreation area. A small comfortable table with a glass surface is suitable for tea drinking or for storing magazines. 3. Table "Amalfi" Price - 35 100 rubles. Brand: Hartman We could not pass by the elegant and sophisticated table from the Dutch brand Hartman. It is part of the Amalfi collection, which is elegant in design and is made of cast aluminum. Such an attractive piece of furniture for the garden is perfect for giving in the style of Provence or Shebbi-chic. Behind him you can conduct friendly conversations, drink tea, have dinner and have supper. At the table "Amalfi" will be able to accommodate 4 people. 4. Rocking chair Price - 10 350 rubles. Factory: "Yum-Kom" An inalienable villa attribute is a rocking chair. It allows you to relax in the shade of sprawling garden trees in a matter of minutes. Forget about the gray everyday life and breathe in full the fragrances of summer. The chair is made of natural rattan by the Indonesian furniture factory "Yum-Kom". Available in several colors: honey, walnut, olive, almond and cognac. This rocking chair features a simple design and ergonomics. It will perfectly match with the style of country, Mediterranean or any country style. 5. Bench Reptonian, Oxley'S Price - 58 900 rubles p. Brand: Oxley When choosing garden furniture, it is important to pay attention to really high-quality and durable models. One such is the Reptonian bench from the famous British brand Oxley. It is made of aluminum. All its elements are created using traditional methods of casting. Masters of the brand basically work through all the seams, refusing to use the fasteners. That's why Oxley furniture has become famous in many countries. It is sturdy, practical and has an attractive design. The Reptonian bench is resistant to various natural factors, is not afraid of frost and corrosion. It is very easy to wash, and it is so compact (104x50x87 cm) that it can be placed even in a small garden. 6. Garden swings Heaven Price - 36 000 rubles p. Brand: Brafab The Swiss brand Brafab is famous for its rich experience in the production of garden and outdoor furniture. Masters of the factory for 80 years create comfortable chairs, swings, chaise lounges, tables and tables for cottages and street cafes. The Heaven swing is characterized by a large capacity and can withstand loads of up to 300 kg, so that you can relax with a big company or the whole family. And that is not all! The seat of the swing is transformed, transforming them into a comfortable sunbed, on which it is pleasant to sunbathe or take a nap in the shade of trees. Swing made of solid pine. They have a canopy that saves from the sun, and textile curtains, thanks to which you can retire. 7. Armchair Elba Lounge Price - 14 436 rubles. Brand: BoConcept The Elba Lounge has an unusual design. It is made of a wicker of an ashy shade, and its frame is made of aluminum with a special coating, which prevents the negative impact of sunlight, frost or rain. But it is not recommended to leave the chair in direct sunlight or in the rain. Elba Lounge is simply designed for relaxation. We can say that this is such a compact version of a chaise longue, in which it is pleasant to take sunny and air baths, read or just doze. The chair refers to stackable models, which means that in the event of a sudden thunderstorm or simply to save space, you can stack several pieces of furniture one on top of another. 8. Suspended chair "Tenerife" Price - 25 990 rubles. Brand: 4SIS Today, the alternative to conventional swings are hanging. They are increasingly appearing in the gardens, replacing the once popular tarsas and tires on the ropes. In this chair it will be a pleasure to rest not only for you, but also for your kids. Children just love these designs. The Tenerife armchair is the work of the masters of the Italian brand 4SIS. It is woven from artificial rattan and executed in the style of eco, gradually gaining popularity all over the world. 9. Lounge area Mi Casa Chio Price - 46 000 rubles p. The lounge area of ​​artificial rattan Mi Casa Chio is the brainchild of the Spanish designers Augusta Morenos and Jorge Cortez. They know exactly how to fill the house with the sun, because they themselves live in a very warm country. Set Mi Casa consists of a comfortable double sofa, 2 tables for tea drinking (one of them - high, square, and the other - low and also square), as well as 2 chairs. They can be combined with each other, so they fit into any space. 10. Sofa for the garden Price: 41 500 rubles p. Are you crazy about the styles of shebbie-chic and provence? Then you will certainly have to taste a forged sofa. Its light, uncomplicated design is able to give your garden a unique zest and become a touch that harmoniously completes the interior composition of the recreation area at the cottage. The sofa has a soft seat, which allows you to spend on it exactly as long as you want!;;;;;;;