Exhibition MosBuild: second week of surprises

On March 31, the exhibition MosBuild,The information partner of which became the portal etk-fashion.com. Today we will tell about the events of the exhibition, which, without a doubt, is worth a visit. Together with the exhibition, the project MosBuild School started its work. What to expect from a week of construction and architecture? What will the master of novelties and innovations say? We will talk about the program for the second week of the exhibition.

14th of April

Seminars and presentations will be held from 14 to 17 April. The program of events will begin with a round table. The topic of the meeting is the prospects for the use of innovative translucent enclosing structures in construction and housing and communal services. The organizers, moderators and participants of the meeting are professionals in their field who will share their experience with the listeners for three hours. Also on this day there will be a presentation of the first edition of the Green Book catalog of environmentally friendly materials and a forum dedicated to the design and operation of eco-houses. On the first day of the exhibition, there will be a presentation of projects - the winners of the MosBuild Architecture & Design Awards 2015, followed by the award ceremony. In the framework of the program, the performance of jury members is also planned. The day will come to an end with the conference "The residential real estate market: lessons of the crisis and a look into the future", which will touch upon the important topic of economic problems in its industry today.

April 15th

In addition to conferences, sessions and lectures, the secondThe exhibition day will be three master classes. Sergei Estrin talk about the peculiarities of working with Russian finishing materials, Denis Konin - the design of multi-storey buildings with a steel skeleton. The third master class will be held by the chairman of the Moscow Architectural Society Boris Uborevich-Borovsky.

16 April

On the last day of the exhibition,Series of conferences, presentations and master classes. The leaders of the workshop "Atrium" Anton Nadtochy and Vera Butko will hold a master class "From Moscow to Yakutsk: contemporary global and local identity," Vladislav Spitsin talk about the features of the design and decoration of hotels interiors and Andrey Asadov in his master class "Challenge - response "Will share experience, as in any situation, find non-standard, but relevant solutions. Also on April 16, the ceremony of awarding the laureates of the international environmental award in the field of building and finishing materials e3Awards will take place. A complete list of master classes and the time of their holding can be found on the official website of the exhibition. mosbuild.com