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Sink for kitchen: which is better

What a modern sink should be on yourkitchen? What to look for when choosing it and how not to get lost among such a large assortment? Today we will try to answer these and other pressing questions. To choose such an important kitchen item for the kitchen as a sink, it is necessary to take into account the interior and area of ​​your kitchen, as well as the modification of the headset. But the main requirements for a kitchen sink are quality, functionality and comfort. What are the best kitchen sinks? A good sink is not afraid of temperature extremes, mechanical damage and aggressive detergents. It is easy to care for and the surface does not lose its original attractiveness over time. What sinks are: design and shape Modern manufacturers offer oval, square, round, rectangular options. There are corner models for small spaces and non-standard occasions. There are not too deep, medium and deep sinks. The capacity of the sink must be sufficient for all operations. After all, even if you don't cook often, sometimes you use a frying pan and pots. The sink should be convenient for washing them. For a large family in which there are more than three people, it is better to choose a roomy bowl. So, in addition to dishes, it will be more convenient to wash large baking sheets and pans. The optimum sink depth is between 150 and 180 mm. It is spacious enough and easy to use. Our opinion: - If the kitchen area is small, it is preferable to choose the round version, since it is more spacious and does not take up much space. Elena Krylova, head of the design studio: - Materials for kitchen sinks are selected taking into account temperature changes and strong mechanical influences. Usually it is stone or metal. Among the current brands that offer reliable, functional and stylish kitchen sinks, I will name the factories Villeroy & Boch and Dornbracht. Separately, it should be said about accessories for kitchen sinks. These are various wings for washed dishes or food, grates, baskets, boards, colanders. This makes cooking and cleaning much easier. However, it should be borne in mind that such accessories are not suitable for all types and brands of kitchen sinks. Which sink is better:choosing a material When choosing a kitchen sink, not only the design, the area of ​​the room, but also your budget are always taken into account. Let's take a look at the most popular kitchen sink materials.

  • Stainless steel. Refers to a more budgetary and most popular option. Price is an indisputable advantage. The disadvantages include its noisiness, if you choose a model without a special soundproof layer. Great for modern interiors.

Our opinion: - Going to the stainless steel sink, take a magnet with you. He will help determine the fake. The magnet does not stick to the stainless steel.

  • Composite materials: siligranite, corian, acrylic, agglomerate, kerassyl, tegranite, granite, granite. Allow fantasize with shape and color, this is their advantage. You can pick up any interior. They are eco-friendly and easy to care for, are not afraid of high temperatures (maximum +280). By the way, the noise of running water is perfectly absorbed by such washers. The disadvantages can be attributed to their cost - they are much more expensive than stainless steel.
  • Ceramics. Resistant to scratches and other surface damages. Not afraid of temperature changes. The surface is easy to clean and besides it has a spectacular, stylish design. If we talk about shortcomings, then ceramics are sensitive to mechanical shocks and very heavy.
  • Status options: natural wood, stone. Elite sinks favorably emphasize the individual style, high position. Accordingly, they require increased attention to themselves and careful attitude. The disadvantage is one - too high a cost.

Our opinion:- If the stone looks more familiar in the kitchen, then the tree is even more rare. Such shells are suspicious. But manufacturers claim that they are made from hard and moisture-resistant types of wood (cedar, oak, afromosia, larch, teak), which are now used to make yachts, and used to build ships. Olga Savchenko, interior designer: - The choice of a sink for the kitchen by the designer is obvious: firstly - according to the stylistic solution of the interior, and secondly - taking into account the functionality of the interior. In my projects, I often use a sink integrated into the countertop. This makes the cleaning process very easy, because nothing gets into the joint. For materials, I recommend artificial or natural stone. Such sinks can be chosen in any size and shape, according to the design project. As a result, the kitchen interior will look beautiful and stylish. At what height should the sink be hung? Still very importantthe moment should be taken into account when choosing a kitchen sink - height. Most often, manufacturers offer standard options (83-84 cm). But you need to take into account the growth of who will most often be in the kitchen. According to numerous studies, the optimal shell height is considered to be when a person's elbows are at a level of about 10 cm from it. For many women, a convenient option would be a shell height of 80 to 90 cm, depending on the height of the hostess. Installation Method You will need to choose betweenoverhead or cut-in installation method. In the first case, the sink is installed (put on) over the countertop, and it is held on its sides. Most suitable for modular furniture. The overhead method is simple and affordable. The flush-mounted version is suitable for kitchen units with a common worktop. In both cases, good waterproofing must be ensured. The main criteria for choosing a sink for the kitchenKitchen design (style). It is important that the sink does not stand out from the overall design of the kitchen. So, if you chose a copper classic model, then it will clearly differ from a high-tech style headset. Sink size. The size of the shell is largely commensurate with the total area of ​​the space. If the kitchen is spacious, a large sink with additional wings, the width of which can reach up to 120 cm, looks better. While in a small kitchen, such a model is inappropriate. A corner or round, compact version looks best here. Additional bowls. The bowl can be one or more. For example, the main one is large and the additional one is small. They are designed for washing fruits, vegetables and for separate washing of dishes. There are options where there are up to five bowls. It is worth considering that for such models you will need a special mixer with a retractable shower head. Irina Krivtsova, interior designer - The most common forms of kitchen sinks are oval, triangular, rectangular, asymmetrical, round and semicircular. The choice of shape depends only on your desires and the possibilities of the countertop. When choosing a suitable model, it is necessary to take into account its depth. The deeper it is, the more functional the use. The deep sink is convenient for washing large pots and food items. The optimum sink depth is 16-26 cm. A double sink for the kitchen is very practical. After washing the food in one bowl, you can put food in the second for defrosting at the same time. I would like to highlight Blanco kitchen sinks, made in Germany, which have existed on the kitchen equipment market since 1925! Their quality and reliability are very high.

Nelli Alekseeva, interior designer:

- During my work in the field of interior design, Irealized that the highest quality and stylish sinks are made by the German brands Schock and Blanco. They are used in the most expensive kitchens in combination with marble, granite and artificial stone countertops. In addition, they are highly resistant to mechanical damage, for example, when creating Schock sinks, they use a heavy-duty material that does not lend themselves to corrosion. And this is very important, especially for ivory sinks, so that plaque does not remain or can be easily cleaned without harming the coating.,,,,,,