Six tricks of instant interior transformation, which will help you love your home


In this article, we will talk about howpeeling plaster, painting on the table, repainting chairs in turquoise and regular cooking can have a positive effect on an interior that has not been happy for a long time How nice it is to look at the ideal interiors of huge houses with French windows, tall ceilings, marble countertops and vernads the size of a small dance floor ... And how after that it is sometimes sad to return to reality, in which you have to live not the way you would like. You probably have a list of what you plan to change in your house / apartment. Someday. How about doing it right now? After all, we live today, and spending day after day in a house that is far from ideal is at least uncomfortable. Especially for you, we have prepared a guide "How to Love Your Imperfect Home Today".

1. Exacerbate the shortcomings

Under the peeling plaster it was found outbrickwork? Down with the plaster! A shortage of bricks can also be beaten by arranging in the "holes" small niches for keys, candles or perfume bottles. The key technique in this case is neatness and cleanliness. Beams, old parquet, brick and stone masonry will have to be wiped off to an ideal condition.

2. Do not deny yourself

Disregard all the canons of design and think on whichA shade you are ready to admire from day to day. What kind of art excites your imagination the most? Instead of pointless contemplation of other people's ideas, take to work. Paint the chairs in a turquoise color, hang in the kitchen a portrait of Kurt Cobain and turn on your favorite song. How do you feel?

3. Cook more often.

We are serious! The aroma of pies, fries or even scrambled eggs will make your home a little warmer and more hospitable. In addition, it is a wonderful incentive to rework the interior of the kitchen a little - to put flowers, change the curtains, wash the windows and buy at last a tablecloth like the heroine of your favorite movie.

4. Realize the dream

Love to draw - forward, behind the paint for school boards, dream of a pet - urgently buy a hamster, fish or a parrot, you can not live a day without a book - equip the reading corner.

5. Make the functional permutation

Very small. For example, move the piano, easel or desktop from one room to another. The sense of space will change immediately, and the inspiration in the new place will surely visit you more often.

6. Repair the order

Identify your place for everything, including the mostMinor trifles in the kitchen, in the hallway, bathroom and wardrobe. The ability to quickly find earrings that you have not worn for more than six months, or in a matter of seconds to touch the keys - it is a luxury that not everyone can afford.,,,,,,