A Midsummer Night's Dream: 10 Fresh Trends for a Bedroom


Do not know how to update the bedroom? Why not turn to the trends of this season? We have collected for you a whole collection of ideas, many of which do not require special expenses. The bedroom is one of the most intimate spaces in the house. You can decorate it in accordance with your own ideas about the beautiful and do not worry what your experienced guests will say: they do not need to enter the bedroom. Of course, before you deal with its redevelopment, you will have to consult your soul mate. In the event of a debate, our selection can be very helpful.

1. Flower decoration

The energy of a new life, freshness and beauty is the best that can be offered for a bedroom. Try to choose high-quality wall-paper which harmoniously will be entered in an interior.

2. White, gray and slate

Do not be afraid of black: with the skillful use of the color of the night, even in a tiny room it will look appropriate and very stylish. As for the contrast palette of black, white and gray, it is now more popular than ever.

3. Hotel style

Many can scare the comparison of the bedroom withnumber of the hotel, but now we are talking about expensive designer hotels with well-adjusted interiors, competent lighting and a thoughtful color palette. If you are lucky with the size of the bedroom and windows, this option may be ideal for you.

4. Traditional American style

Classics do not go out of fashion, so (if you havethere is no desire for cardinal changes or certain style preferences) classical forms, floral print on textiles and a neutral palette is your option.

5. Shining Orchid

Not for nothing that this bright and energetic shade is namedcolor of the year. If you competently combine it with some elements of textiles and accessories, you can revive even the most boring interior. In the bedroom, this color should be used with the utmost care.

6. Moroccan accents

In recent years, we have seen apatterns, but this season everything is pretty certain: in fashion - north-west Africa - Morocco. Local ornaments, filled with energy of the sun, are perfect for textile decoration of the bedroom (and it itself can be made in almost any modern style).

7. Natural materials

Shades of nature, decor of natural wood,metal, stone and brick - all this is very important in 2014. Feel free to use wooden panels, brick lining and tiles, imitating a brick. For a more effective effect, try to highlight the decor with lighting: garlands or candles.

8. Rural motives

Rough textures, natural materials and shadeswill suit not only country-style bedrooms, but also minimalistic, Scandinavian and neutral interiors. Such decor can be used in case you do not want to arrange a radical alteration, but are ready for small changes in the existing situation.

9. The Scottish cell

It's a good idea to use several trendswithin one room: natural materials, rural motifs and tartan are perfectly combined. This cell then loses, then it regains its relevance. This year it is again in vogue.

10. Lazur

The last trend in our list is the color of the sea. With the choice of the shade of blue, you are unlikely to go wrong: the whole palette is relevant, so use any option - from a soft pastel to a bright electrician. Just remember that if neutral shades can easily be found even in the existing interior, then active blue will require more effort and caution.,,,,,,,,,,