Sleeping cinema from IKEA, which "wakes up love"!


It's almost impossible to surprise a modern person, but IKEA company succeeded ...

December 5 at the Kinostar Deluxe cinema,Located in the shopping center "Mega Khimki", an unusual IKEA cinema opened, where instead of the usual armchairs there are cozy double beds! Yes, yes, you did not misinterpret, it was the bed! Buying a ticket, you get a full bed at full disposal, where you can stay with the whole family to view the fun adventures of the famous penguins of Madagascar, or arrange a romantic evening and one of the first to watch the romantic comedy "Loves - Does not Love," whose main character tries to figure out what Do, if suddenly your life bursts into love? We decided to recreate the home environment in a cinema so that people could briefly slow down the rapid rhythm of city life and wake up love! "

Alex Ovechkin, digital manager of IKEA in RussiaThe ticket prices, by the way, are very affordable - 400 rubles. The full schedule of screenings can be viewed on the cinema website The first to visit the Ikeevsky cinema hall, of courseSame, journalists. One of them - a blogger and journalist Anna Gorbunova, who is also one of the "sisters" ("Sisters" - a page in "Facebook", where several girls share with the readers a variety of news and tips, talk, amuse and surprise), we And found out how it really is. Anna Gorbunova, blogger, journalist, "sister": - I liked the IKEA cinema. The idea is unusual. True, I will honestly say, the movie is watching, lying on the bed in a huge cinema hall, it feels strange. But in general everything is very cozy. I especially liked the large number of pillows on the beds, I love this style. It is a pity that the cinema will only work until December 14.

And here are a few beds and accessories from the cinema:

Bed "Nordley"

Here is a very comfortable headboard - it is great for those who like to read in bed or watch TV. The frame is finished with beech veneer.

Bed "Hemmes"

This bed is made of durable and durableMaterial - an array of pine. From it done slatted bed base, which provides a reliable and proper support for the body. Adjustable sidewall beds allow the use of different width mattresses.


It's almost a royal bed. She has a high headboard and a high footprint. The bed frame is made of solid wood. If you do not like the natural color of the tree, you can paint the bed yourself.

Bedclothes "Kustruta"

The traditional cage and the traditional blue-and-white coloring make this bedding set a welcome gift to a conservative man.

Bed linen "Torsviva"

Bright and cheerful, this bed linen will suit both young women, and young men, and even teenagers and in general all who are young at heart.