Organization of space

Little apartment: 8 ways to create a feeling of extra space

More is not better. But when it comes to home space, even the illusion of additional square meters can change the quality of life. Today we figure out how to make yourself and others believe that your house is bigger than it is. How to create comfortable living conditions in a small apartment? Buy multifunctional furniture, abandon unnecessary things, combine functional areas. Of course, all these techniques work. But what about the sense of tightness, which can not be eliminated through a rational approach to design? It is necessary to resort to deceit! Who and how to cheat to make your house more spacious? Well, first of all ourselves, as well as our guests, resorting to innocent design tricks, which we are ready to share with you.

1. Mirrors

Mirrors are designed not only toAdmire your reflection. Mirror can enhance natural light and create an optical illusion of continuity of space. It should be placed next to or in front of the window, so that it reflects the sun's rays, or near artificial light sources. To visually increase the space, you need to hang a large mirror or mirror on the wall that you want to "push".

2. Floating conditions

One of the main mistakes of the owners of smallApartments is the habit of placing furniture close to the walls. While the floating environment gives the impression of having an additional free space. "Scatter" the furniture groups inside the living room, and it will seem bigger.

3. Large bright carpet

Perhaps the simplest way to "forge"The area of ​​the room is a floor decoration in the form of a large bright carpet. The carpet with a catchy design will attract attention to the floor and will not allow it to be accentuated at a distance between the walls. In addition, the carpet will create the optical illusion of having a larger area for movement.

4. One large piece of furniture

Most people think that a small roomMust be furnished with small furniture. This is not quite true. A large sofa or armchair can create a feeling that the area of ​​the room corresponds to them. But do not enter into the furniture group more than one bulky object, otherwise the effect will be the opposite.

5. Feet

Selecting pieces of furniture on the legs, you can visually enlarge the room. Due to the fact that such furniture takes less volume and does not adhere to the floor, it gives a feeling of extra length and width.

6. The trick with curtains

Want higher ceilings? You can get them with a little trick with curtains. Usually the cornice is hung at a distance of 15 centimeters above the window, but if you hang it as close to the ceiling as possible, you can use curtains of a longer length. And they, in turn, visually increase the height of the room.

7. Color neutrality

If you want the room to increase noticeablyIn sizes (visually, not actually, of course), use neutral shades. Note: paint the walls in a light color is not enough. Interior should be neutral "from head to toe": furniture, textiles, decoration. In order not to get bored, add a few bright accents in the form of pillows or pictures, but do not overdo it so as not to smear the effect.

8. Attention to the ceiling

Bright accent walls in the interior of the room -Popular modern trend. However, the use of this design technique in a small room can lead to an undesirable visual effect - space squeezing. But if you paint in a contrasting hue, not a wall, but a ceiling, you can kill two birds with one stone: fill the interior with color and create the illusion of an enlarged area (works on the same principle as a bright floor carpet). Our opinion: - When choosing a color for a ceiling, it is worth remembering that it should be contrast, but not dark. Otherwise, you risk "change the awl to soap": visually expand the room, but at the same time lower the ceiling.

9. Photo wallpapers with perspective

Our brain is used to trusting our eyes. Therefore, one of the easiest ways to forge the square of a room is to create an illusion of perspective in it. It's quite easy to do it with photo wallpapers with the appropriate image. Our opinion: - If the choice of wall-paper as a wall decoration is conditioned not only by aesthetic preferences, but also by the desire to visually expand the space, it is best to dwell on a plot comparable to the scale of the room. That is, there should be a feeling that the perspective originates in the room.

10. Looking through

Transparent furniture is a real find forSmall rooms. It flows through the light streams and seems to dissolve in space, making it visually free, spacious. In addition, transparent interior items are now in the trend. Pinterest com