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A small flat-transformer 8 sq. M. m: how to place all functional areas


Put on the first place the functionality andpracticality? Do you like to rationally use every centimeter of useful space? Pay attention to the unique miniature apartment located in Paris. Even the most inveterate lovers of minimalism will be surprised by the idea of ​​the authors of this project. Looking at the mini-room, at first you get the impression that you are in the dressing room. But apart from the closet there is a sink on the windowsill and a TV on the wall. The question arises: why? It's very simple - it's a flat-transformer with hidden amenities. So, we look, how it looks, and who can live in such a room.

The principle of an army knife

Kitoko Architectural Studio has designed andimplemented an interesting project, built on the principle of a Swiss army knife, which is distinguished by its versatility and compactness. The concept of this interior is that with a small volume of the room, it can contain many folding and sliding elements. The limited size of the room did not prevent the creation of a sleeping place on eight square meters, a storage system, a kitchenette and a bathroom with a shower. One has only to open the cabinet door, as it immediately transforms into a staircase, along which it is easy to climb onto the bed. Need to sit down and read? For these purposes, a pull-out table is provided. And under it are hidden stools. Of course, their dimensions are not too large.

Flat's owner

In all likelihood, this apartment is intendedfor a young conservative girl. She is 25 to 30 years old. Judging by the wardrobe, she prefers convenience in everything. She is always busy and she spends very little time at home. Therefore, this is a rational and practical approach to the design of space. The main thing is that the apartment has all the conditions for quickly adjusting and resting.

House of Napoleon III

The capital of France is famous for its compactmini-apartments. But this one is just a crumb! The apartment is located in a historic building dating back to Napoleon III, on the seventh floor. Previously, such rooms were intended for maids and were not large and comfortable. With a housing shortage in Paris, this option is considered a budget option. Studio Kitoko decided to show with a real example that even such seemingly uninhabited and unsightly premises can be turned into an interesting living space.

Color Effects

The light gray scale in the room is selected according toseveral parameters: this color is ideal for small spaces, and it has a relaxing effect on the psyche. Which, in general, is necessary. Our opinion: - Drawings on the cabinet doors make this simple room softer, calmer and more beautiful. To prevent the interior from looking completely dry, a little bright color was added with towels, bed linen, books.

Separate bathroom

The authors of the project managed to do everything so compactplace that there was a place for a bathroom with a sink, a cabinet and a shower. Although initially it was not provided here. Just real magicians! Here, too, they used visual techniques to make the space look larger: a mirror, light-colored plumbing, small mosaics. Our opinion: - In this small apartment, a girl can quite comfortably put herself in order, and then lie down on a cozy bed, watch TV or read books.