Interior of a studio apartment

Small studio apartment: 4 projects with mixed zoning

Small studio apartments: 4 options can force their owners to seek an extraordinary solution to the problem of rational use of space. This truly creative process is often invaded by stereotypes according to which the bedroom should be a separate room, and each zone should also be limited in one way or another. In the four projects presented below, the living room and bedroom are combined through the use of properly selected finishing materials and furnishings. Less walls, more free space - this approach requires each circumstance to be taken into account: what apartment inhabitants usually do when they are at home; what shades, textures and forms they prefer.

Bachelor's apartment

This interior was designed by designer Artyom.Shelipov for the studio apartment, owned by an unmarried young man. Its area is 33 square meters. The focal point of space was a luxurious sofa with a built-in coffee table, able to transform into a full bed, you just have to make one hand movement. The minimalist character of this interior is expressed in the use of several basic shades and the rejection of the usual elements of decor. The kitchen can be called frankly close, but thanks to the appeal to the monochrome scale and the absence of complex household appliances, it looks quite spacious. Natural wood furniture looks expensive and noble. The bathroom interior supports the principle of maximum simplicity, but at the same time demonstrates the dominance of wood in a natural shade combined with stainless steel and glass. The remaining rooms are decorated in dark gray and cream colors. Small studio apartment can be luxurious Large sofa unit complemented by a folding coffee table. It is easily transformed into a full bed. There is not enough furniture in the room, but each item looks respectable and stylish. A large window visually expands the room and abundantly fills it with light. Easy chair, skin on the floor and a stack of books - these are the only decorations for the sleeping area Small pier occupied kitchen cabinets Making the entrance to the bathroom captivates with its courage Dark gray color prevails in the decor Rectangular shapes help create a truly masculine interior. The kitchen fits well into the overall composition. From the hall overlooking the dining area Due to the absence of partitions the studio seems spacious The combination of gray and beige shades seems very natural. The bathroom décor palette is fairly light compared to other areas, it is dominated by white and woody shades. The bathroom interior follows the principles of the designed design. The rectangular outlines of the furnishings emphasize the strict brevity of the decor. Plan for a bachelor studio apartment of modest size

Feminine notes in design

The design project of the second apartment developedTurkish architect named Taner Kandan. Its interior is characterized by the presence of calm, balanced elements with soft outlines. Here the center of the composition is also a bed, arranged on a low wooden podium by the window. It should be noted that the podium itself is part of a large-scale construction, resembling a large wooden box without a bottom and designed to emphasize. Thus, the apartment owner can watch the sunrise every morning. The sleeping area seems detached, secluded. The decor in the paintings, pot plants and carpet creates a positive mood indoors. Light-flooded space seems voluminous and deep. Pictures have become an excellent addition to the air design. Playful notes are present in all the drawings and figurines.

Creativity in the studio

Project from Kiev designer Andrzej Babichaesthetics recalls the previous one, but it has even more bright colors and warmth. Here the curtain reaching the very floor separates the sleeping bed from the living room area. The abundance of light, natural wood and dynamic paintings of paintings in the style of graffiti gives a feeling of spaciousness, closeness to nature. This is the perfect home for a creative person. Dark shades are perfectly combined with the dominant white color. The bed is hidden behind a thick curtain from the ceiling to the floor. Interesting and dynamic paintings make the apartment a bit bohemian. The bed seems particularly spacious due to the absence of a large number of details in its surroundings. From this perspective, the interior of the studio is covered almost completely

The combination of calm and rich colors

The fourth apartment as if born by the union of the firstthree. Designer Tomasz Stsyskal used calm shades as a base and furniture with laconic outlines. In addition, he deliberately emphasized the unusual bevel of the ceiling. And he added bright colors in the form of vibrant colors, pillows and multi-colored prints in order to provide visual lightness and positive mood to the interior. The bed is separated from the rest of the room by a small partition of laminated wood slats. The living area looks very comfortable thanks to carefully selected furniture. The sloping ceiling was chosen by the designer as the main architectural decoration of the apartment. The bedroom and the living room are separated by a thin partition of laminated wood. Natural elements such as bonsai tree,enliven the picture. These interior solutions clearly show moderation, charming simplicity and the masters' willingness to move away from the stereotypical opinion about the need to divide the living space into separate zones. Which option did you like the most? Share your impressions in the comments!