Interior of a studio apartment

Small studio apartment: interior design in the Scandinavian style

Prioritizing the reconstruction processold or arrangement of new apartments, their owners in the first place put the convenience and attractiveness of the room. But having a limited area, this is not easy to achieve. In this case, it is appropriate to divide it into functional zones with a minimum number of partitions, a large air flow and fairly restrained decoration. This interior perfectly combines old and new elements, finishing materials.

Northern tendency whiteness

When creating studios of 36 square meters,used light shades. Walls painted white complement the pastel tone of the wooden flooring and a small amount of refined and light furniture. A large window provides a good stream of natural light that characterizes the Scandinavian interior.

Rational use of space

On a small square decorated severalfunctional areas. Here is a living room with an original table for magazines and newspapers. A bright element of the decor is an equipped fireplace. The dining area has a window seat. Next door is a study and a bedroom. And they, surprisingly, occupy a very small area. This is achieved thanks to the original design solution using the transformer bed. After sleeping, she successfully hides in the closet, freeing up space for effective use during the daytime. The dining area connects the room with the kitchen, where elegant and compact furniture is located. Economical headset composed of wall and base cabinets, as well as the rational use of niches.

The most practical location

In the bathroom next to the shower adjoining linen shelves. Refresh the interior of live plants. Plumbing is compact and efficient. Necessary furniture takes the wall to the ceiling. The whole situation in the room is extremely effective. A low cupboard for storing washing, cleaning items and other small things lurked under the sink. for clothes and shoes, installed in the hallway. Such an arrangement makes the living area freer, does not clutter it with voluminous objects.

The final decor

Successfully placed accents provideinterior distinctive flavor. Flowers, abstract art canvases, low-key fabrics serve as helpers in the design. The fireplace, which has a fairly simple design, serves as a bright accent element of the room. The modern and spectacular design of the northern school attracts with its originality. In spring and summer, on warm, affectionate days of the ownersThis lovely studio is waiting for an unforgettable vacation on a comfortable balcony. Romantic evening can be spent in the fresh air under the noise of foliage and delightful myriad lights of the night city. As you can see an apartment with a small area can be made stylish and quite comfortable. To do this, trust the creative potential of talented designers.