Apartments up to 45 sq.m.

Small studio apartment with brick walls

What to do if you want to connect in oneinterior of several styles? And if you want the apartment to fit everything you need? At the same time living space is by no means great? Today, with the example of a Swedish apartment, we will understand everything

A find for a young Swedish couple of modswas a two-room apartment in an old brick house in the center of the capital. A small area and lack of adequate repair did not become an obstacle to the development of their own home, but, on the contrary, turned into an additional motivation, which prompted to arrange an apartment on their own. The main task was to create a comfortable space for two, regardless of preferences and tastes. Hence polyphony in interior design, a game with elements of industrial, environmental and Scandinavian styles.

At the initial stages of repair under a thick layerplaster was found, which is not surprising, sound brickwork. Faded with time, the brick gave a special charm to the situation, while it looked natural and calm, and the decision was unanimous - leave it as it is.

Our opinion:

- Leaving the masonry open, we choosea suitable variant of its processing. If the masonry is in good condition, it is enough to clean the wall of the old covering, sand the brick and wipe the seams. You can also apply any paint for interior finishing works by painting the wall completely or selectively shading individual bricks. For greater protection of the surface, a variety of impregnates (special protective agents) or colorless varnish should be used.

Zoning for all canonsspace successfully combines the living room and a full kitchen. Having an uncommon sense of style, and also being professionally involved in the world of fashion, the hosts identified the main characters of the room as a handmade coffee table made from a pallet on the keyed legs and a reproduction of the Prada signboard from the youth sitcom Gossip girl. Under the TV found its place understated shelving, which neatly stores a mini-library of fashionable literature and other trifles. The living room is furnished with a pair of lighting fixtures: a ceiling lamp and a stylized floor lamp on the legs.

In turn, the kitchen interior is a directa guide to the use of every available centimeter of space with benefit. The white cabinets are located on the wall from floor to ceiling, sheltering a microwave, a dishwasher and a metallic refrigerator, thereby saving space. Separately, a console with additional drawers under the stove serves simultaneously as a dining table and working surface, it is girded with aluminum stools. The presence of functional decorative elements, such as a magnetic knife holder and a blackened cutting board, add a certain identity to the design of the kitchen.

Our opinion:

- By choosing a white color for the kitchen set, youYou can choose a good option in IKEA, as the heroes of this article did. The combination of a glossy surface with a metallic appliance of household appliances and chairs effectively distinguish the studio dining space, giving autonomy to this zone.

Asymmetrical space of the hallway competentlyfilled with wall shelves for shoes and a functional arch over the door. "Shop" hanger for outerwear serves as an excellent alternative to the usual. This approach to the design of the corridor is a simple way to further offload the sleeping cupboard. Oversized easel-design of shelves is a convenient replacement for bulky chest of drawers, significantly saves space on the already limited area of ​​the apartment.

Lamps in industrial style, roughbedside drawers, bedside tables in the role of a night table, an artificial fur cover and cushions in a tone - all this is a kind of indentation, contrasting impregnation into the sterility of the white bedroom. The only thing that the owners of the apartment did not take into account when choosing a berth - the presence of an additional compartment for storing things in the niche of the bed, do not forget about it.

At the entrance to the sleeping area opposite each otherthere is a shower room and a bathroom. The floor is lined with a matt brown tile, repeating the shade of the oak parquet board in all rooms of the apartment. Aluminum frame shelves in a niche above the toilet and a pedestal under the sink serve as an excellent place for storing cosmetics and household chemicals. There is no bath in the apartment, probably, there was not enough room for it, but the shower area is quite enough to find two people at the same time.