The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

A small white apartment: a beautiful interior design in light colors

As with a minimum of furnitureto use the space as effectively as possible? As with the redevelopment do not lose precious meters? How to create a spectacular interior, taking as a basis the white color? Answers - in our article Creating a comfortable environment for living in a small space - the task is not simple, but feasible. The landlady of the apartment turned to Natalia Liventsova for help, as a result of which she received a cozy and stylish interior in bright colors. Natalia Liventsova, designer Natalia - a young designer, the author of a lot of interior projects. She graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MGUKI) and Nanyang Technological University - Beauty, Form & Function: An Exploration of Symmetry. A photo of the pieces of furniture by her authorship from 2013 is published in the Paris annual edition of Design And Design. In Natalia's plans - in the near future to open her own studio.

Wishes of the customer

The main wish of the customer was to createbright spacious environment. Natalia was to create an interior that meets modern trends. The landlady of the apartment is a girl who is fond of literature. Therefore, the apartment should have not only a bedroom, living room and kitchen area, but also a place for storing things and books.


To take into account all the wishes of the customer, it was decidedturn the apartment into, and the interior to execute in, which is ideal for the design of small rooms. Living room and sleeping area combined, instead of a traditional bed, choosing a sofa. Natalia Liventsova, designer: - To slightly complicate the uncomplicated geometry of the room and separate the work area, the wall behind the table was moved forward a little, and behind it additional lighting was arranged. The kitchen space is also used to the maximum. The window sill was raised to the same level as the working area, thus increasing the working space. Instead of the table it was decided to use the bar counter, which significantly saved the space.

Color solution

The use in the interior was the ideal solution for the studio. Thanks to this space visually increased. In addition, white reflects the maximum amount of light.

Ideas for storage

A special attention is deserved by the solution forstorage of things. In the room around the perimeter, a large wardrobe was installed, and disadvantages in the layout of the apartment Natalia advantageously used to equip the wardrobe for outerwear. Natalia Liventsova, designer: - Initially, the layout of the apartment was organized in such a way that in the middle of the room there was a forward wall one meter long. I decided to block it by raising a longer wall (2.5 meters) in front of it. This allowed to place in the formed "pockets" a wardrobe for outer clothing from the side of the corridor and a refrigerator from the kitchen side. The wall created concealed all this from the living room. Natalia Liventsova, designer: - The mistress likes changes, and now it is enough for her to change the decor, so that the general mood of the room changes. Creating a neutral light interior is the best solution for people whose tastes and preferences change in the same rapid pace as the modern world.