The smell of home: what should smell cozy home

Sometimes I really want to go home and feelpleasant alluring aroma. It can relax or invigorate, euphoric or tone up. We will tell you what the house should smell like this fall and what accessories will help in this. Since ancient times, incense has filled people's homes, giving them a great mood and improving their well-being. There are many traditional ways to spray oils, as fragrances have been used in various cultures for ceremonies, and people have accumulated this knowledge for centuries. But today we will take a look at ten modern ways to fill your home with fragrant scents, as well as get acquainted with the scent trends of this season. Anton Mednikov, General Director of the House of Candles Company: - The concept of fashion in home fragrances is a bit blurry. There are classics that are always in fashion, regardless of the season. In stores with a good range of home fragrances, the classics can be found on shelves all year round. It includes: lavender, vanilla, aroma of freshness.

1. Scented candles

Masterfully create romantic and even intimatescented candles will help the mood. In such an atmosphere of temptation, you can meditate, have languid conversations and do other, more interesting things. Ideal for use in the bedroom or bathroom during water treatments. It should be borne in mind that it is better not to light a new candle right before the arrival of the guests, because its surface will not have time to melt, which means that the aroma will not be felt. Do this the day before, an hour or two before your appointment. And then, if you light a candle even for a short time, the aroma will quickly recover and will be quite rich.

2. Sasha and the Potpourri

For those who forgot:A sachet is a small bag that is placed in bedding and serves to give the latter a pleasant fresh aroma. Most often, it is filled with solid aromatic substances, and is made mainly from natural fabric, which retains its aroma for a long time. Although it should be noted that today sachets are made from a variety of modern materials, for example, from special paper, and instead of herbs, mineral powder soaked in oils can be used. Use the sachet in dressing rooms, wardrobes and dressers so that your laundry always has an excellent, unobtrusive smell. Create whole aromatic compositions called "potpourri" by mixing spices, aromatic herbs and essential oils. To do this, just choose the right container that you like, such as a basket, a wide vase or even a tray. And then experiment and create, now the fragrant aromas of your home are in your hands.

3. Diffuser

The diffuser is a rather fashionable trend and, perhaps,the most convenient way to fill the room with your favorite scent. All you need is a scent bottle and a set of sticks to insert into it. By the way, among Hollywood stars there are quite a few fans of this method, among them Cameron Diaz and Madonna. Anton Mednikov, General Director of the House of Candles Company: - Home fragrances always have several options for "carriers", but today it is diffusers that are in vogue, because this is the simplest and most convenient way of aromatizing a room. The diffuser does not need to be set on fire, extinguished, you do not need to follow it, you put it in a corner and forgot, you only feel the aroma. If he is strong and intrusive, he removed a few sticks. If you haven't put all the sticks and the aroma seems weak, add some sticks. If all the sticks are there, but the aroma is not enough, turn the sticks over. But this does not have to be done every day, it is enough to do it once. A diffuser with a volume of 200 ml will stand for about three months.

4. Aroma lamps with open flame

This is the most popular and widespread speciesaromatic lamps, which are also known as aroma blenders. There are glass, porcelain, ceramic and even stone specimens, but they all work on the same principle: the water tank, which is located on top, is heated with a candle-tablet. This water is added a few drops of essential oil, or put special aromatic cubes, which we will talk about. Be vigilant and keep children and animals away to the aroma blenders - like any source of open fire, it is dangerous for negligent handling.

5. Electric aroma lamps

Such models are less common, but moreare technologically advanced. They are divided into two types: water and waterless. The first ones are similar to aroma blenders, but as a heating element there is not a candle, but an incandescent lamp that operates from a network, USB or batteries. The waterless act as an inhaler when the motor pumps air, but does not heat it, while retaining almost all the useful properties of essential oils. Their only drawback is in the purification process, it does not tolerate delay and requires the use of alcohol-containing solutions. Our opinion:- Globally, the range of home fragrances is divided into complex perfumed, natural and synthetic. In complex perfumes, you will not find any classics or fashion - this is perfume or perfume (as you like it more), like eau de toilette, which almost everyone applies to the body every day. Most often, such products are quite expensive and are more used as a gift option. It belongs to the luxury price segment. Similar home fragrances are produced by perfume companies and can be bought in perfume shops or expensive gifts. I don't even want to talk about synthetic fragrances, because this is a common effect on the nasal receptors. They simply trick the human body by transmitting a signal to the nose that the room smells of roses, although it smells of type E additives. These are the cheapest home fragrances, mass market, they can be bought in any, even the cheapest supermarket or hypermarket. There are, however, fairly high-quality products in synthetic home fragrances, when fragrances identical to natural are used, such fragrances cost almost as natural and belong to the middle price segment, but, firstly, these are only exceptions that emphasize the rule, and secondly , here everyone chooses for himself what is more important to him: naturalness or price. Natural home fragrances are the most understandable and pleasant to our nose set of aromatic oils and ingredients. They are made with natural flavors. It is in them that you can trace this very classics, which can always be found. Natural fragrances are sold in household goods stores, expensive supermarkets, shops with good, but not very expensive gifts, sometimes in bookstores and less often in perfumery (however, there are exceptions). This segment is medium, medium plus and premium.

6. Berger lamp

Invented by assistant pharmacist Maurice Berger,This lamp was designed to purify and disinfect air through a catalytic process. The invention immediately gained wide popularity and became firmly in fashion, and among his admirers were Coco Chanel and Pablo Picasso. Now over the appearance of these lamps are eminent designers who create whole collections of Berger lamps.

7. Indoor plants

At all times, plants have given humanitywonderful aromas, and from them essential oils are obtained. But why use concentrate if you can put in the room the source of a pleasant smell, which, moreover, aesthetically beautifies any interior? Healing from various ailments, houseplants raise the mood and purify the air. So, the rose helps to get rid of fatigue, rosemary improves memory, and citrus stabilizes blood pressure.

8. The ultrasonic aroma lamp

It is very efficient and safe to fill the rooman ultrasonic aroma lamp will help with incense. It has an adjustable spray timer and can act as a humidifier. USB diffusers have become especially popular. By connecting it to a laptop or other gadget that supports this format, you can set the desired operating time and periodically refill a reusable cartridge. Small and compact, it's a great mobile option that's easy to take with you. Anton Mednikov, CEO of the company"House of Candles": - Natural fragrances have a clear gradation into four groups: floral, fruity, fresh, food and spices. The fifth group is seasonal, or holiday fragrances as they are most often called. Usually these include winter product lines that are produced specifically for New Year and Christmas. In winter, these scents can be called the most fashionable, everyone loves the holiday atmosphere: pine needles, pastries, frosty freshness, etc. In Russia, in winter, citrus exotic is very popular, which has become familiar to us since the times of the Soviet Union: tangerines, oranges, etc. In short, you can call it a citrus mix. In addition - cinnamon, vanilla and other spices. In general, in autumn and winter, warm aromas are in vogue, after all, our weather is not sugar at this time of the year.

9. Rum spray

Better known to us as an air freshener. This simple device has already taken root in our homes and has become widespread. And let its aromatic properties do not compare with aromatives, if uninvited guests have arrived and you need to refresh the air and kill smells, a better helper than a rum spray you just can not find in the shortest possible time.

10. Aromatic cubes

Love candles, but want to find them worthyalternative? Then the aromatic cubes will be an excellent option. All that is required of you is to put them in a pomander, and if the odor begins to evaporate over time, simply remove and scratch the cubes with an ordinary knife. There are also waxy aroma incubators, which can be used in aromatic lamps, and there is absolutely no need to add water there. Simply put it in the bowl, and when the wax begins to melt, the room will quickly fill with a fragrant scent.

Tips for choosing fragrances for each room:

  • To begin with, I would divide them into carriers: in toilets I recommend using diffusers and sprays, in bathrooms - diffusers and candles, in the bedroom - candles, in the living room - diffusers. For very large rooms, catalytic aroma lamps are best suited, and in wardrobes and closets use a sachet for laundry.
  • If we talk about fragrances, then in the bathroomI recommend floral scents for permanent use and soothing lavender or a gentle rose for taking a bath. Candles are needed for the bathing procedure to create an atmosphere of relaxation and envelop you with fragrance. For daily use, diffusers are suitable, the flavors can be selected to taste: the same rose, violet, florendorazh, magnolia, honeysuckle - all these are excellent options that will not strain, but at the same time make your bathroom a wonderful fragrant place.
  • In toilets I recommend using fresh or fruit citrus flavors, a diffuser or a spray, because the diffuser will always aromatise, and the spray is needed to achieve a momentary effect.
  • The bedroom needs neutral flavors,soothing or aphrodisiac. Calms lavender, and the strongest aphrodisiac among the fragrances for home is ambergris, most often it is used as a base for the fragrance, because it opens up not immediately, like the bottom notes of the fragrance. Therefore, you can take not pure ambergris, but fragrances on its basis. Neutral fragrance is vanilla. It is a simple sweet fragrance that a huge number of people like. I recommend candles, because the diffuser will aromatize all the time, and people do not always like to sleep in the fragrance, many prefer to sleep with an open window. Therefore, a candle is the ideal way to fill a room with fragrance for a while before going to bed.
  • In the living room absolutely any flavor,mood: fruit, freshness, flowers, food and spices or New Year's fragrances - it depends entirely on the person. Better than the hostess or the owner, no one can pick up the fragrance in the living room, because the living room is the "face" of the house, and only the owner knows what smell he wants for his house. I can say that figs are very popular, many people like it for its exotic, but at the same time, close to our person sweet aroma.
  • In the closets and cloakrooms traditional lavender,which is driving away the moth, still enjoys popularity, but today people choose the most different flavors in the form of a sachet, and most often are delicate fresh or floral flavors: cotton, flourdorange, honeysuckle or violet.