What kind of decor is loved by Russians: 40 most popular drawings


In early June, the National Hotel hosted the mostcozy exhibition of interior design DecoRus. By tradition, the participants presented all the best here. Let's see what colors, patterns and textures are popular in Russia. This will help you make your choice. DecoRus is the only professional high-class interior design exhibition in Russia. This year she celebrated her anniversary, once again bringing together the world's best brands specializing in interior decoration (more than 100 expositions) in the capital. The peculiarity of DecoRus is that no one is in a hurry here, no one runs from stand to stand in search of new products. By tradition, only the best, the most beautiful, the most demanded on the Russian market are exhibited at the exhibitors' stands. Professionals who come to the exhibition discuss current trends and select worthy items for their showrooms. We also looked into the luxurious rooms of the National Hotel and are now ready to show and tell you what Russians will dress at home in the coming year. So…

Flora and fauna

"Once a year the gardens bloom" - sang Anna German,but the designers clearly disagree with the singer, and for several years now they have been offering to surround themselves with flowers: large and small, bright and pastel, variegated and monochromatic, realistic and fantasy, inspired by Japanese watercolors and Provencal landscapes. Drawn, embroidered, woven, pasted on ... By themselves, in combination with birds of paradise, butterflies, a wide and thin stripe. Due to the fact that floral and floral ornaments look equally organic on any surface, all types of fabrics (linen, silk, chiffon, satin, taffeta, organza, satin, wool), wallpapers and wall coverings have obeyed them. Alexey Eliseev, General Director of Manders stores: - No matter how busy I am, I always find time to look at the DecoRus exhibition. Communicate with our constant partners, over 20 years of work with whom we have already become friends. This anniversary exhibition was not without a surprise from Sanderson. After analyzing the flow of orders outgoing from Russia, the brand's designers have compiled a special catalog Russian Classic, which includes 40 of the most popular designs among Russians. These are mainly floral motifs. A total of 100 copies were released. There are several of them in our stores. The new collection of the Zoffany Constantina Damask brand deserves special attention. It is based on silk fabrics with classic damask patterns, which are very popular with Russian customers. In addition to the traditional interpretation of the drawing, there are also modern variations made using innovative technologies.

Eastern motifs

The East is not only a delicate matter, but also verydemanded. Designers do not stop turning to oriental motives and textures in their collections, reproducing them both in their original form and rethinking them in a modern way, mixing them with folk traditions of different countries: traditional ornaments, embroidery, weaving and knitting. In the collections you can find fabrics that resemble patchwork quilts and woven carpets, with textures imitating needlework techniques, with paisley, ikat and girih ornaments, but in unexpected color combinations and graphic design.

Embroidery, 3D and other effects

Embroidery is back in fashion! And if before it was mostly decorated with velvet, silk and lace, now more and more flax, cotton, blended and woolen fabrics. Techniques of performance are also very diverse: smooth, dashed stitch, crocheted stitch, a-la chenille and blackwark, beads, gold, paillettes. At the stands of Nobilis, Morris & Co, GP & J Baker there was a flax embroidered with bright fantasy flowers and birds, and cotton with ethnic ornaments, and luxurious silks with a classic pattern, and weightless nets with floral embroidery, which otherwise as a work of art and not You will name. Fabrics on whichembroidery was used to add volume to the design. To do this, many manufacturers embroidered individual motifs of the printed pattern in satin stitch, others preferred to stitch the print outlines with a more voluminous thread (soutache, wool, velvet ribbons and even felt), while others embroidered the entire pattern with thick thread. Our attention was drawn to an architectural ornament embroidered on linen with a heavy cotton thread and imitating the famous technique of pointillism painting. This gives the fabric a modern touch and, when combined with metallic threads and pearlescent sequins, creates an additional volumetric effect (Harlequin). Alexey Eliseev, General Director of StoresManders: - The Purity collection of textiles and wallpapers presented by the Harlequin brand has every chance of becoming a Russian bestseller. Very elegant, presenting a modern interpretation of classic motifs and ornaments with zero contrast. Shiny satins with an ombre effect and linen, decorated with sequins, sophisticated floral patterns and appliqués, look especially impressive. The wallpaper complements the fabrics offer modern damask patterns reminiscent of lace and delicate floral designs. Lace craftsmen also keep pace with modern fashion, and at the stand of the Scottish company MYB Textiles we found stunning examples of modern Nottingham lace with three-dimensional geometric patterns, woven on old looms. The unique technology of weaving and twisting wool fibers makes it possible to obtain soft and weightless fabrics with a volumetric pattern on a transparent mesh. And the combination of weaves of different structure gives the pattern a unique depth and texture. Wallpaper manufacturers are also masteringmodern technologies. In addition to the already familiar digital and 3D drawings, wall panels with optical stereo effect have appeared. We saw such wallpapers by the French brand Elitis (Wonderland collection) at the stand of the Skol company. When you look at the image of the Rudolf deer from different angles, you get the feeling that it has volume. This effect is obtained by imposing a layer of transparent plastic on the picture with a complex convex texture, which plays the role of a variety of lenses. We found an even more exotic option at the same stand at the Belgian company Omexco - Nomad wall coverings made of Philippine water lily leaves, painted in a variety of shades. In general, wallpaper that reproduce natural textures,Incredibly popular. The unique collection of wall coverings Armani Casa, presented at the stand of Piterra company, was no exception. The legendary couturier has chosen the colors, structures and textures borrowed from nature: trees, tropical plants, stone. Drawing our attention is also the wallpaper of the DutchBrand Eijffinger at the stand of the company "Empire Decor". Here and imitations of natural textures, and 3D drawings with 3D effect, and intricate graphics, and the game of light, and shadows in black and white variations. Eyes run away!