How to expand the space in the apartment

How to visually "expand" the clamped space - the advice of professionals

Very many people live in or in rooms whereThere are several rooms, but they are very small. The owners always have the same problem: how to make the space of a small room at least a little more, arrange things and add comfort. It's so desirable that there is a place where you can relax, sit with friends and work. And things are accumulating every year more and more. Today we will reveal a few secrets of the design of a small apartment. There are several tricks, applying which, you visually increase the space of the room and add comfort to it:

  • When choosing interior elements, give preference to multifunctional and removable furniture. This will help to unload the room, the compact environment will take up less space;

  • Pay attention to the original stools with shelves inside. They can simultaneously serve both as chairs and bedside tables into which books or discs can be folded;

  • use upholstered furniture, sofa or bed, the design of which includes drawers. You can put in them not only bed linen and blankets, but also things and books;

  • do not disregard the window sill andspace under it. Thanks to modern designs, it is possible to organize special bedside tables under it, increasing its size a little. A wide window sill can be used as a workplace by placing a computer and books on it;

  • when making repairs, choose light colors forwalls and ceilings such as white, blue, cream, gray, green or yellow. Thanks to this color scheme, the room looks easier and more spacious. Try to place in the room one large or several smaller mirrors. The light reflected in them visually increases the space;

  • not always the best optioninstallation of furniture close to the wall. Try to experiment: roll the sofa, table or chair, put them at an angle. Perhaps some new and unusual version will give the room originality and increase the free space in it;

  • if you live on the upper floors or outside the windowyou have a beautiful landscape, leave the windows open or hang very light modern curtains. Such a small secret will also help to make the volume of the room visually larger. Thanks to the sunlight in the room will become lighter.