How to expand the space in the apartment

How to visually expand the small kitchen

Today we will try to prove this statement: the minimum area is not an obstacle to creating the kitchen of your dreams. To do this, we have gathered some amazing tips that will help you to “squeeze the most” out of your tiny room.

Use every corner

Put into operation custom units: shelves, sideboards, racks and more. You can order a kitchen set according to your room size, so you not only use all the plots, but also decorate the matchless interior.

Suspended racks

Of course, cabinets take up a lot of space. Therefore, it is better to hang thin coasters and open shelves on the wall that can hold pots, mugs, plates, forks, spoons, pans and other tableware.


To prevent the formation of disorder onthe kitchen, pick up furniture in a minimalist style. In the image below, we see how the work surface flows through the whole room and even goes to the bar, and the bright colors invigorate the space perfectly.

Place for vehicles

The corner under the stairs can be an alternative solution for the location of the washing machine and dryer, so as not to occupy an area in a limited kitchen area.

Choose smart designs

There are a large number of compact elements that can be included in your kitchen, namely: spice jars, knife boxes, easily retractable drawers and built-in cutting boards. Cabinet furniture also has its advantages in a small kitchenette. The autonomous part containing the stove, sink and cabinets will look very elegant.

Raise the ceiling

Some architectural works can solveproblem with a small area. Oversize the ceiling will add a sense of freshness and airiness in the room. In addition, it will be possible to install high sideboards for maximum storage.

Using vertical space in confined spaces is the right thing to do.

Pick furniture structures that will stretch right up to the top. A seamless coating will visually enlarge your kitchen. On the top shelves, try to save things you rarely use.

Instrument integration

Why not put a microwave in onefrom the cabinets? So you make room on the tabletop. You can also think about installing a modern tap with the function of boiling water to do without a kettle.

Portable mini island

In addition to the built-in units, you canpick a small table with open shelves that will be very useful for you. It will take up little space and, if necessary, may even become an excellent work surface.