How to expand the space in the apartment

How to visually increase the area of ​​a small room - tips from professionals

In the conditions of modern life, not everyonehas the opportunity to purchase a spacious and comfortable accommodation. Most people are forced to huddle in small apartments, overloaded with furniture, where there is no free space and the pressure of the walls is literally felt. However, visually expanding the living space is not at all difficult. We offer our readers to take advantage of a number of practical tips.

1. White color in the interior

A small room should not be overloadedfurniture and accessories. White will help to increase the space: for example, using one tone for the ceiling and walls will create the impression of a single harmonious space. If you pick up furniture of the same color, it will “disappear”, and using a bright, multi-colored one will give your room a non-standard look.

2. The choice of wallpaper

If some of our readers have white colorwill seem too boring, then we suggest using a striking striped wallpaper feature in the interior: horizontal stripes will expand the room, vertical ones will “lift” the ceiling. To mask the irregularities of the walls will help wallpaper with zigzags, and the corners perfectly smooth out an interesting ornament.

3. Principles of choice of furniture

Small apartment owners should carefullythink over the furnishings of the rooms, making optimal use of the available space. It will fit perfectly into such an interior. Its advantage is that one item combines a whole range of useful functions: for example, a table with many drawers can easily replace additional bedside tables and shelves. A variety of transforming furniture will also be appropriate in small rooms: a compact sofa can be easily converted into a double bed, and a small sliding table - into a dining table for the whole family.

4. Use mirrors

Mirrors differ visuallyexpand space. So, if the room is narrow, then its borders will be visually expanded by a horizontally placed mirror. If the apartment has low ceilings, then the vertical arrangement of the mirror will “lift” them. Do not limit your imagination: modern designers offer a wide selection of original mirrors that not only visually increase the space in the room, but also give a unique interior room.

5. Lighting

Another important secret to achievevisual expansion of space, is the lighting. In small rooms, a single light source is not enough. Small sconces, floor lamps, furniture with light should be placed in the room, multilevel lighting should be used. Especially spectacular is the placement of the light source above the mirror. Forum-Grad wishes good luck to its readers! Remember that expanding the boundaries of a small room is not at all difficult; the main thing is to show creative imagination and stick to our advice!