How to become a famous designer: the secrets of popularity, the ways of PR and publication in the media

How to choose the right magazine for publication? How do online publications compare favorably with printed ones? How to use social networks for effective interaction with the customer? This was told by Oksana Kashenko, editor-in-chief of portal tries to cover all the most interesting exhibitions and seminars devoted to design and architecture. Today we will tell you about the seminar that took place within the Design Focus 2015. Oksana Kashenko, in the Design & Decoration Center design center, talked about how to properly advertise her work in the media. The lecture was attended by more than 250 designers and architects, both beginners and long-known.

Printed editions

The weighty plus of printed profile magazines is,That for now the reader trusts them a little more than online publications. Here the authority of the magazine affects how long it has been in the market and, of course, the circulation. But do not forget that the number of printed copies is usually very different from the number sold. In addition, an important role is played by the time frame. Sometimes after a positive response from the editorial office, it takes more than a year for the material to be published. Oksana Kashenko, editor-in-chief of - Any publications have deferred demand. With regard to paper publications, the response to a publication usually comes within 1-3 years. The response to the online publication also does not happen immediately, but, as a rule, the terms are calculated here for several months.


Profile Internet publications have a number ofAdvantages, especially for those designers whose customers do not give the opportunity to publish finished objects, as well as for novice designers. Most often it is difficult to find a customer who would like to implement the bold proposals of the designer. Therefore, instead of a finished and professionally filmed interior (which is a prerequisite for print media), in the online media, you can offer visualization for publication. Portal, for example, always gladly publishes interesting visualizations and ready-made interiors of designers interested in cooperation. Oksana Kashenko, editor-in-chief of - An important plus of online publications is a variety of formats. If you need to bring ready-made, high-quality interior for publication in print, then for online-portals visualization is just as good as the realized interior. At we are pleased to show the best examples of visualized interiors. Our readers equally well perceive both visualizations and professional photos of ready-made interiors. They are interested in ideas that you can offer them. Another important criterion for choosing an Internet portal is a great mediatsitiruemost. After online publication on the Web, there will be a huge number of links pointing to the designer. Share a link by e-mail or send it through social networks much faster and more convenient than to transfer each other's magazine with the article you like. Oksana Kashenko, editor-in-chief of - After publication on the profile site, a lot of links to the design project are guaranteed. If the number of readers of one issue of the printed magazine about interiors of total (including a formula that reads a magazine 7 people) about 70 000 people, the audience, for example, the portal - it's 700,000 people a month! And every day this figure only grows. The great quoting on the Internet creates for the author not only the reputation of an authoritative designer, but also helps sometimes to resolve controversial issues related to the issue of copyright. Oksana Kashenko, editor-in-chief of - Sometimes it happens that the photo of your interior is in another's portfolio. To minimize the likelihood that this will happen, try to spread your work not only in profile online magazines, but also on sites where designers place their portfolio. Thus, on the Internet photos of your interior will be on many sites under your name, and this will protect you from the fact that someone will want to give your work for their own.

Social networks

We must not forget that social networks areSmall media for designer and architect. By creating a page (personal or fully dedicated to the work), you should regularly make publications, "collect" comments and correctly put good informative hashtags. Oksana Kashenko, editor-in-chief of - It is very important to correctly place tags in the publication. They should be simple, understandable and informative, so that a person could easily find your interior. Do focus on the style, color or something, for what part of the apartment is designed design (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and so on). Internet space - a vast field for the realization of their creative abilities, and specialized online-edition - the perfect tool to advertise their innovative ideas and professionalism. Design & Decoration Center