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How to create a Scandinavian interior: the architect says -

What is a Scandinavian interior and why is itIt is this, why Scandinavians paint the walls in white, why are we suddenly fell in love with Scandinavian minimalism and how to create it - told architect Amalia Talfeld

The other day in the "Parquet Hall" was held the most interestingan event dedicated to Scandinavian design and its place in the life of a Russian person. The editor of Oksana Kashenko acted as the host of the evening, and the invited expert - architect Amalia Talfeld gave a detailed lecture on the roots of Scandinavian minimalism and the degree of its correlation with the realities of the modern world. Amalia Talfeld, Architect Architect-designer with 24 years of experience in the luxury category. The Amalia Architectural Bureau implements projects of the most varied complexity - from apartments to cottage villages.

It is natural and weather conditions that haveaccording to the lecturer, the basis for the Scandinavian interior as such. Water, rocks, forest and seashore - that's the whole of Scandinavia. In interiors, this natural simplicity is manifested in pure forms of ultimate functionalism, in the use of natural materials and shades.

Scandinavian interiors are characterized by a combination ofcontrasting things and textures in a monochrome environment. The walls in such interiors paint in white because of the constant shortage of sunlight. For the same reason, the windows in the Scandinavian interiors are almost not curtained, and much attention is paid to the light.

Today the Scandinavian interiors are gaining allgreat popularity and become relevant not only in countries with similar weather conditions. The reason is simple and understandable to any person who has heard the word "crisis". Financial and political instability only in the beginning is shocking, with time people learn to live in new conditions, but in a completely different way. After experiencing not the first crisis, people unconsciously return to eternal values, simple, understandable and most necessary. The house on Istra. Architect Amalia Talfeld The house on Istra. Architect Amalia Talfeld The house on Istra. Architect Amalia Talfeld The house on Istra. Architect Amalia Talfeld

If you, like us, are inspired by the ideaScandinavian minimalism, do not rush to review the existing interior and paint over your favorite wallpaper in the flower. Start with a simple - a couple of details, and in the choice we will help.