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How to create an interior with an exotic spirit: Western look


Exotic figurines, animal skins, masks -The interior abounds in exoticism and attracts with its eccentricity. There are also ethnic motives in it that are relevant today as well as during the great discoveries of unprecedented lands. Do you like exotic interiors? They are the most enigmatic and alluring. In such spaces it is interesting to be, relax and watch the original accessories. Today we will consider a real example of how you can combine classics with exoticism, unusually zonate space and correctly use black in the interior. To do this, we chose an apartment that is located in New York, on the Upper East Side. Subdued lighting, soft color palette withbright black accents immediately plunge into a mysterious atmosphere. Simple shapes of classic furniture do not distract from unusual decor items. Original paintings, figurines, vases, exotic animal skins and other accessories decorate the walls, bedside tables, windows and even the floor here. A little more - and you might think that you are in a museum with historical exhibits. But in this interior, this line has not been crossed. It can be seen that this is a cozy living space, where there is a place for receiving guests, for relaxing, for watching television programs. There are wardrobes for storing things, there is also a working corner. Exotic style implies a largespace. To make it look cozy, but at the same time holistic, it was divided into 3 sections. In the living room area there is a light range of walls, ceiling and floor. Black acts as accents. Here, soft sofas, armchairs, an ottoman and a pouf were placed around the table, thus marking a place for receiving guests. A large fleecy carpet also acts as a zoning element. TV viewing area and work areaseparated from 2 sides by glass partitions and black open pedestals, on which interesting exotic exhibits are installed. This part of the room is dominated by black color. Against its background, figurines and light paintings look favorably. The seating area and carpet are selected in light gray to balance this part of the space. Decorative pillows perfectly complement the interior. Gray goes well with both black and white. Glass partitions are considered a good solutionWhen zoning space. Look how they managed to perfectly isolate the elegant black and white kitchen with their help. It is a harmonious continuation of this exotic interior. This effect is enhanced by niches with highlights, in which there are silver elements of decor. Pay attention to the mirrors installed in theBathroom, kitchen, in a cozy dining room, in the hallway and in the bright part of the large living room. They not only give a feeling of lightness and airiness, but also emphasize the virtues of exclusive things in this interior. Mirrors make space balanced. The elements of exoticism in the apartment are gentleorchids, colorful masks on the walls, sculptures, vases and unusual paintings. Sandy is used as the main color. It calms and pacifies, brings warmth into the space. Against its background, accent colors and exotic accessories stand out favorably. The black color symbolizes the embers of a campfire or the dark African night. The interior is simple, elegant and attractive at the same time. It is suitable for travel and adventure lovers, collectors and art lovers.

On a note!

  • Connoisseurs of exotics can use not only expensive and rare antiques. There are alternatives - copies or stylized exotic things.
  • Free layout gives the opportunity to accent exotic accessories. Use zoning with partitions, furniture, color.
  • Prints, images or figurines of animals are invariable satellites of exotic style, most often African.
  • When decorating such an interior use outlandish plants and flowers.
  • It's important not to overdo the accessories, so that the house does not turn into a souvenir shop.
  • The interior should radiate warmth and tranquility, arrange for rest.
  • Large sculptures or masks place on the middle level, otherwise the interior will be perceived hard.
  • Gray color must be diluted with bright accents, so that it does not look dull.
  • It is worth remembering that the predominance of a black room visually reduces it.
  • Natural colors, pictures with images of animals, savannahs, deserts, skin, fur, stuffed predators - use these elements to create an exotic style.