How to equip a large kitchen: the types of planning and the choice of technology


Are you a happy owner of a spacious kitchen? Well, congratulations! But the arrangement of a large space has its pitfalls. What type of layout is best to stay on? How to choose the right technique? About all this - in our article. We have already talked about the arrangement of small spaces, but today our article will be useful to the lucky owners of spacious kitchens, which are not at all constrained in square meters. Of course, this allows you to plan the space of the room in a relaxed way, without fear that some object can not climb, which means you will have to lose it in the functional. But do not relax, because even a spacious room can be spoiled by irrational planning or by choosing a "wrong" technique. Therefore, to ensure that your kitchen is on top, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with several important points that you need to know when arranging a large kitchen.

Choose the perfect layout

In a small kitchen, the layout is dictated bydirectly by the geometry of the room itself, and we can only adjust, choosing the lesser of two evils. But on a large area, although there is no such problem, it is sometimes quite difficult to navigate which layout is most suitable for you. Therefore, in order to make the right choice, you need to know all the popular options: Two-row layout. Most often it is used in a walk-through room or in a kitchen combined with a living room and dining room. Moreover, from the point of view of ergonomics, the designers recommend putting the hob and sink in one row, and the cabinets and refrigerator in the other. In this case, the open refrigerator door should not block the passage, and the minimum distance between the rows of the headset should be at least 120 centimeters. Linear layout. Arrangement in one row in large kitchens is used infrequently, and it is understandable. In conditions of an abundance of area, this solution will be rational only for a narrow room, where there is no other way out. Although sometimes a linear layout can be found in kitchens with an open layout, where on one side is the entire kitchen set, and on the other - a dining table and chairs. U-shaped layout. It involves three walls at once, and the main thing here is for the owners to have unimpeded access to all three parts of the kitchen. A good option for a large room, but again do not forget that the minimum distance between parallel rows should be no less than 120 centimeters, otherwise from the n-shaped arrangement there will be more inconvenience than good. L-shaped layout. This is the most common location of furniture and household appliances in modern kitchens. It is universal and perfectly suited for a room of any shape and purpose. Especially in a free corner there is always a place to equip the dining area there. Island layout.This can be a kitchen with any of the above layouts (although more often U- and L-shaped), which is complemented by an island in the center of the kitchen area. Most often, a massive table with a work surface, a built-in sink and a stove acts as an island. Moreover, it has already become difficult to imagine a modern spacious interior without this element. In its absence, it is as if a feeling of understatement is created, as if something is missing. As for the size of the islands, their dimensions are completely different, the main thing is that the hostess in the kitchen can get objects from anywhere on the table without much effort and acrobatic tricks. When installing the island, you need to take care that there is at least a meter of free space around it on each side. And in combination with a bar counter, this is a whole system that goes to a new level of comfort and practicality.

Choosing the right technique

Choosing home appliances for the home, modernconsumers focus on two key questions: how it will look in the interior and how it will work. And if at the same time you are the happy owner of a large kitchen, then the range of possibilities is quite large, as are the dimensions of future equipment. It is important to find the optimal combination of design and functionality. In recent years, household appliances from just a helper in the kitchen have become an integral part of the interior, and often a central part of it. Let's not forget about technologies, the rapid development of which has transferred kitchen appliances from the category of “apprentices” to independent chefs. Therefore, the main task for the buyer now is to choose a technique that will look beautiful in the interior and work perfectly. And it is most correct to start an exciting adventure called "new kitchen" precisely with the choice of technology and with an understanding of what devices are needed, where they will be located so that it is convenient to use them in the future from the point of view of ergonomics. And it is important to make this choice before the stage of repair work, so that the builders bring all the necessary communications to the right places. It is advisable to do this with a qualified and experienced designer when designing your kitchen space. Our opinion: - It should be borne in mind that the refrigerator, microwave oven, oven and some other appliances need ventilation, which means that the gap between their back wall and furniture should be at least 10 centimeters. For built-in appliances, this moment is already provided by the manufacturer, but still be careful. The cost of the kitchen also depends on whether household appliances are hidden behind facades and under the countertop or remain uncovered. Refrigerator.When choosing a refrigerator, you must first of all build on your needs. We must understand what we want to get, what set of functions and characteristics the selected object should have, so that the possession and use of it would be beneficial and enjoyable. And of course, its external style should fit into the overall interior of the room. Oleg Lapin, Sub-Zero & Wolf: - First, we need to decide on the size of the future refrigerator. We take “the number of persons in the family”, recall the “volume of the average purchased basket”, multiply it by the number of purchases for a certain period of time, add “hobbies and habits” (if any) in the form of hunting, fishing, picking mushrooms or berries, do not forget about “ guest coefficient ”, we mix everything thoroughly and get an understanding of what size the refrigerating part should be, how big the freezing part should be, whether you need an ice maker or a cold water dispenser. In a kitchen with a large space, you can skip the centimeters and buy a refrigerator with a "full set", as well as a spacious interior space. But in the second place, it is important to think over which refrigerator externally suits your interior. Now manufacturers offer a wide range of design solutions for technology. It can be a free-standing device in steel, in various colors and styles, covered in denim and leather, with different configurations and positions of cameras and different dimensions. And if all this colorful assortment does not fit your classic, for example, style, then you can choose models on which you can hang kitchen facades - and the device will dissolve into the interior of the kitchen. Again, now manufacturers offer a wide range of models, both combined appliances with refrigerating and freezing chambers "in one", and these chambers separately. And also small refrigerators in the format of drawers, which are built under the countertop and are often used as additional features in the kitchen, as well as in bedrooms, offices, bars. We must not forget about the reliability of brands, about the quality of materials, about the technologies used, since there is little pleasant in the imminent need to replace a faulty refrigerator. Built-in oven.Now you rarely see the old version of the stove, where the stove and the oven are combined into one item. Separating them made it possible to create a more rational and ergonomic environment in the interior of kitchens, plus you can now integrate the oven into the cabinet at chest level so that you don't have to bend down every time to check the dish or take it out of the oven. Oleg Lapin, Sub-Zero & Wolf: - Guided by our preferences and culinary habits, we also choose a modern hearth - an oven. We must remember how and what we cook, on what modes, for how many people, how often ... Do we know how to cook at all or do we need automatic programs to help us. Do we bake a turkey for Christmas and a rack of lamb for the holidays, or is our most "weighty" dish a little charlotte? Based on this analysis, we come to an understanding of the required size of the working chamber and start choosing from a huge variety of offered brands, paying attention to materials, workmanship and reliability, the offered functionality and additional "chips", such as automatic programs, self-cleaning functions , telescopic guides, temperature probe for roasting meat, stone for making pizza. And again, we choose the design of the devices in harmony with the design of your interior. If your large kitchen is planning frequent cooking, then you can purchase twin ovens and prepare, for example, to receive guests much faster. And they look impressive. Hob.Contrary to the prevailing stereotype, the stove does not have to be placed directly above the oven. It fits perfectly into any place on the countertop, and unlike a single stove, which could not be moved to the wall, the hob elegantly lies on the countertop and becomes its logical continuation, without gaps and accumulations of dirt. The stove will look great on the island, located in the center of the kitchen area. Induction hobs are rapidly gaining popularity. And even if they need high quality cookware, safety, energy saving, beautiful appearance, simple and precise control, as well as ease of care make them incredibly attractive and innovative household appliances. We advise you to pay attention to the world famous manufacturer of Sub-Zero & Wolf appliances, which pleases with its good range of induction hobs. Hood.Hoods are designed to eliminate unpleasant odors from the kitchen, excess steam, splashing grease, everything that can interfere with the creative process. They also help illuminate the work surface and, again, are part of the interior. Manufacturers offer us a wide variety of these devices, both in type (wall-mounted, island, built-in countertops) and in design. In large kitchens, an island work area and a corresponding hood above it will be a convenient and stylish solution. And since the space is significant, it is worth considering the hoods built into the countertops next to the hob or stove as an additional means of air purification. There are hoods and professional format: they are powerful, impressive in shape and size. In a small kitchen, they will look somewhat cumbersome, but in a large room they will give a certain flavor and will perfectly cope with their direct function. Oleg Lapin, Sub-Zero & Wolf: - There are two main types of hood operation:

  • Mode of air removal - when all the collected air goes outside the kitchen space through the air duct,
  • Circulation mode - when air circulates in space, getting rid of odors with the help of a carbon filter.

The first option is preferable (albeit moredifficult to implement), since the noise during operation is much lower, and regular replacement of the carbon filter is not required. Another main selection criterion, in addition to the type of hood and the operating mode, is its power, that is, how much air the hood can take from the room for a certain period of time. According to sanitary standards, the air in the kitchen should change 10-12 times per hour. Therefore, based on the volume of the room, we select the hood with the required power. Also, happy owners of a large kitchen canafford a whole wine cabinet or the dream of many millions of people - a full-fledged coffee center. In the first case, all wine connoisseurs will receive a reserved corner in the kitchen, which you can be proud of and surprise your guests. And the coffee center will make the life of every coffee lover more beautiful, and now the morning will be more cheerful than ever. Oleg Lapin, Sub-Zero & Wolf: - When choosing a technique, rely on your wishes and preferences, since it will be your assistant and must fully satisfy your wishes, so that a simple cooking process turns into a real culinary feast.,, Michael Neumann, Rob Klein