How to properly equip an interior for an introvert / extrovert -

Our psychology influences not only thoughts andself-awareness, but also on the interior. How to understand in what interior you will be comfortable to be, if you love companies or, on the contrary, prefer privacy - read in our material

The battle of introverts and extroverts for the right to beunderstood, it is unlikely that it will end in someone's victory, so in our article we decided to satisfy the interests of everyone and finally figure out the peculiarities of the interior preferences of both personality types. As you know, 100% of introverts or extroverts do not exist, which means that our advice should be considered solely from a recommendatory point of view. Interior for an extrovert

You love companies and only in direct contact withother people get a charge of energy and vivacity? Most likely, your psychological warehouse is much closer to the category of extraversion, which means that in your home there is rarely silence and often guests gather.

The environment of a person aimed at gettingenergy from the outside world, most often reflects this characteristic of it. Depending on personal style preferences, your interior can be both classical, and deeply minimalistic, modern and even Scandinavian. Extraversion does not imply an eternal social hunger, but the availability of well-designed public areas is still desirable.

Extroverts are very fond of their naturetravel, reflect this passion in your environment will also be superfluous. There are several advantages. Firstly, these are pleasant memories, secondly - inspiration for further adventures and thirdly - an occasion for an interesting conversation with the guests.

By the way, thanks to this approach to the choiceinterior details, extroverts often go to the side of epatage. The degree of it can vary not only depending on the courage of the owner, but also on the level of his energy. In any case, the interior of the extrovert is first and foremost a hospitable space in which it is cozy and incredibly interesting to be. Interior for introvert

Even the most pleasant company tires you quickly,and the true bliss delivers time spent alone with yourself? Well, you're an introvert. Energy for life you accumulate yourself and you have always a very limited amount. Hence the selectivity in communication and the constant need for some isolation.

What interior will suit you most? The answer is simple: yours. The house in which you will collect yourself in parts and again look for harmony with the world, should be a material embodiment of your inner essence.

Create an interior in which everyone will be comfortable,much easier than doing the same for yourself. Each shade, every detail, material and texture will have to pass through your own filter and listen, listen, listen to yourself.

If we do not orient you with color and style, thenwith the functionality we can help. An introvert needs personal space. This can be either a separate room or simply a remote corner. Soft textiles, the most comfortable pieces of furniture and, most importantly, the ability to change the location of a dislocation at any time. Whatever you are, the key moment of creating a living space is always one - comfort. The only thing in our case is the vector of comfort: inside or outside.