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How to combine incongruous: an apartment in Paris


Today we will show you another beautiful whiteapartment. True, there are many colorful and unusual things in it. Using the example of this interior, you will see that it is normal to combine the incongruous, and also once again make sure of the superiority of white Paola Bjäringer lives in this apartment - a very creative girl who has her own art gallery, which is why she wanted to make her own housing is unusual and decorate it with interesting interior items. To do this, she turned to her friend, contemporary artist and designer Joseph Caspari. His style is simple and minimal. The designer calls his projects large-scale functional sculpture. In this interior, he managed to harmoniously combine a purple sofa, furniture made of straw, latex, leather belts and a wicker throne. And all these are not museum pieces, but functional items.

Merging cultures

To diversify your life, it is enoughsurround yourself with interesting objects, as our heroine did. Paola Bieringer was born in Sweden, raised in Catalonia, educated in London and lives in France. Each of these countries left a mark on her soul, which was further reflected in the interior. She became interested in design and opened Slott Gallery in 2009. Over time, Paola's unbridled passion for creative furnishings has spread to her home space. Now the apartment resembles an art gallery with furniture of unusual shapes. Here you can see a modern leather ball chair side by side with an 18th century buffet. Joseph Caspari was able to combine in the interior the features of different cultures that are close to a young woman. Her creative and deep nature gravitates towards everything unusual.

A discreet background for works of art

Despite the fact that the pieces of furniture and decordifferent in style of performance and form, they delight and focus attention on themselves. The interior of the apartment looks bright, friendly and warm. A real place to live! The interior is based on the Scandinavian style. It has become the perfect backdrop for interior items. Thanks to this, you can pay attention to the exclusivity of each of them. The dining room table was made according to the sketches of Joseph Caspari in the Vilanova company. Around the table are interesting Branca chairs from the Mattiazzi factory. Their uniqueness is that they are made from a solid piece of wood. On the wall is a famous photo taken by Gregory Abou. Simple but tasteful. The honeycomb chair of Swiss Philippe Bestenheider has an ironic shape and looks like a throne. And it quite claims to be an art object in the interior.

Purple sofa and straw pouf

The sofa has become the centerpiece in the living room.purple. In this case, he maintains restraint and aristocratic atmosphere in space. It is the color of luxury and good taste. The versatility of purple is that it can be easily combined with other colors, both warm and cold. Against the background of a gray floor and white walls with a ceiling, all objects in the room look more expressive and their unusual shapes are clearly visible. Like the coffee table by French designer Arik Levy. The purple sofa dominates the space, it sets the modern dynamics, while other colors act as secondary ones and dilute the composition. A pouf and an armchair made of straw with latex, made in an organic form, create a soft and flexible union, so they fit perfectly into this interior. This is a new approach to the use of natural materials. Contrast is the most effective way to highlight a specific silhouette. In design art, it is often used.

Creative accents in the bedroom

Do not rush to throw out leather belts. There is an interesting idea for their application. As you can see, in the bedroom there is a chair from the famous Malaty Crasset (Matali Crasset). It is made of leather straps. Together with a chair made of colored latex, it became a bright accent of a simple-looking interior.


The terrace was turned into an elegant and cozy placefor relaxation, and chairs by Konstantin Grcic brightened the space. The design of the chairs uses a special technology that creates sculptural voids. A tree and a deer head complete the overall composition of the terrace. Our opinion: - All pieces of furniture in the apartment are functional, beautiful and available for use. Some of Paola's favorite interior items are lamps by Arik Levi. The interior expresses the rich inner world of the hostess, not devoid of creativity.

Interior before renovation

And so the apartment looked before and during the repair.