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How to combine patterns on decorative cushions: the secrets of designers -

If you want the living room to look likeA picture from the magazine about design, learn to achieve a stunning impression by simple means - such as colorful cushions in the interior. We will teach you how to combine and mix patterns on textiles the way pros do it: effectively and effortlessly. There is nothing better to refresh the living room interior than the bright accents of textile decorative pillows. Play with colors, patterns and textures - it's not difficult at all. However, some rules still need to be considered.

Start with the most interesting

Decorative cushions will attract attention. Think about where to send it. On the sofa you are proud of? Or to a luxurious lamp in the corner? Perhaps there is a bright picture on the wall - emphasize its importance with textiles of the same color.

Add Harmony

If the interior is full of different - low-keyBlack and white cushions with a geometric pattern will add structures. In the field of view, intricate patterns prevail - then the textile, combining 2-3 basic colors, will sum up all the design ideas.

Different patterns, different sizes

The pledge of a dynamic interior, which you will like more and more every day - in a combination of different shapes, sizes,. The same pillows will look boring and monotonous.

Mix and combine

It's very simple: start with one pattern that you particularly like. Flowers, dots, geometric patterns - there are plenty to choose from. And now think - what could be its opposite? Combine vegetable prints with black and white squares, blurry drawings with clear, large dots with small ones. Mix and texture - coarser and softerAdd shades of textiles of depth, and the interior is made cozier. But most importantly - enjoy the process itself, take it as a game, and the result will make you fall in love with your own again.