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How to create a summer atmosphere at home: 10 items of bright decor

Before the summer there are less than 10 days - this timejust enough to prepare the interior for the new season. We made a small selection of things with a summer mood, which probably will make it easier for you. It seems summer has come, so it's time to invite him to the house. In our new collection you will find 10 items that will certainly give a summer mood not only to the interior, but to every one of its inhabitants.

Tree for decorations Bodhi

1 620 rubles

This pretty tree can be used both for hanging decorations on it and as a decorative item. You can purchase an item

Happle Container

1 440 rubles

This apple can be placed not only in the kitchen, butand adapt for storing small items in the bathroom, living room or even in the hallway. Positive emotions at the first glance at it are guaranteed to you. You can purchase an item

Decorative lantern Festival

7 700 rubles

This light, airy lantern will help dispel the darkness and improve the atmosphere not only of a country house with an open veranda, but also of an ordinary city apartment. You can purchase an item

Wall Decor for Chrysalis

1 070 rubles

One and a half dozen bright butterflies can be carried fromroom to room every day. Adhesive Velcro at the base easily adheres to the surface and leaves no residue behind. You can purchase an item

Set for growing a hedgehog

590 rubles

With this kit, you can grow something alive on the windowsill literally from scratch. The kit includes a ceramic pot, a bag of soil and seeds. You can purchase an item

Aqua farm

4 900 rubles

This device will give you extraordinarythe ability to observe closed-loop processes. Simply put, here you can grow salad and fish at the same time. By the way, our editorial office got such a thing a year ago - we like it. You can purchase an item

Pillow with a bulk pattern Alicia White-Gray

2 600 rubles

This cashmere pillow will brighten any sofa, andeven if your interior is characterized by bold execution, Alicia White-Gray will find a worthy place for itself, whether it be a classic sofa or a minimalist couch. You can purchase an item

A pot of self-polishing Log & Squirrel

1,620 rubles

A flower that always lacks attention andwater, for its own safety it is better to move it to a self-watering pot. The design of Log & Squirrel is simple and understandable even for a child: the squirrel is visible - there is enough water in the dispenser, the squirrel is hiding - it's time to take up the watering can. You can purchase an item

Vase Echo

2 390 rubles

This ceramic vase, unlike anything you've ever owned, has a face of its own. Positive, of course. You can purchase an item

Sunshine solar charger

6,000 rubles

This unit is everyone's dreammodern city dweller. The floral design not only enriches the interior with its presence, but also simultaneously charges your gadgets with converted solar energy - a real miracle! Here we note that the editors have already dreamed of buying one for their office. You can purchase an item