How to decorate a window sill: 24 cool ideas -


What to do on a gloomy autumn evening? Change the mood of the room, turning the window sill into a full bookshelf, bar counter or reading corner

If you, like us, dislike the overcastWeather and try to let in the house as much as possible of sunlight, you probably have not been tiring the curtains for several weeks already. And it is quite possible that this fact depresses you only more. Do you know why?

Your window sill is as boring as the weatheroutside the window. Judge for yourself: the curtains are opened, on the windowsill - the geranium is dry, and outside the windows, autumn tears off the leaves from the trees and throws them at you in the window. What is there to rejoice.

But there is something to be glad about. Autumn is a great time for hobbies and all kinds of creative activities. In the street you will not walk, the series is already obrydli - to create!

Now we suggest that you consider howYou can create a cozy barrier between the autumn outside the window and the unheated room inside. If you are incredibly lucky to live in an old house with wide windowsills, and there is nothing to think about - build a reading room: pillows, blankets, books and a tiny table for a cup of tea.

On the window sill you will not sit down, but read oh howDo you want in daylight? Build a bookshelf directly on the windowsill, select a pair of large, attractive (or rather, distracting from the gray behind the window) look accessories, hang a garland on the window as a highlight for the evening time and make yourself comfortable at the window. Prefer to read in bed? Then think about breeding succulents, violets or orchids. Do not like floriculture? Build a miniature of your own district of cardboard and heating candles. Classes for one evening, and heat such a "flashlight" will give all autumn and winter, until the sun returns.