The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

How to accommodate a bedroom, living room, office, library, dressing room on 60 meters


Customers managed to fit into this apartmentliving room, bedroom, home office, library, dressing room - and all this in a fairly modest space. How did they do it? This apartment is located in St. Petersburg, and the project was ordered by a young family: her husband is an architect by profession, and his wife is an economist. Both love to have parties, are fond of sports: mountain skiing, cycling, travel a lot and take pictures. And the spouse also works at home, so he needs a comfortable environment for productive creativity. Designer Elena Ruchkova took over this task. Elena Ruchkova, designer In 2006 she graduated from St. Petersburg State Academy of Art and Design, during her studies and after graduation she worked in architectural studios, since 2010 she went on maternity leave, in parallel she is engaged in freelancing, the development of visualization, working drawings and the implementation of private and public interiors. She took 2nd place in the Neuhause student interior design competition. The area of ​​the apartment is not large, but the requirements for it were quite large: in addition to the work space, the architect needed a place for a library - the customers had accumulated a huge amount of professional literature; and also a place for an impromptu photo exhibition of the work done by the family. And, of course, a large dressing room was required to store bicycles and skis. And there had to be enough room to receive guests. The bedroom did not have any solid requirements,So customers were asked to make it a small size, simply fencing off the bed with a small partition, in favor of the living room and workplace. A part of the kitchen area was occupied by a cabinet for sports equipment. The problem with the library was decided by hanging shelves under the ceiling along the perimeter of the apartment. The decorative finishing of the apartment is minimal, for thisFor this reason, it was decided to focus on designer furniture and lighting fixtures. So, in the living room there will be two Modoluce Icaro chandeliers (Italy), in the bedroom there will be Foscarini Yet (Italy) on the wall as a sconce, and an IKEA chandelier on the ceiling. But in the corridor, hall and kitchen - built-in lamps Modular (Belgium). Elena Ruchkova, designer: - With the choice of colors, everything was simple - from the very beginning, the customers wanted the apartment to be in light colors and with a dark parquet board in the living room, and they wanted to make accents on objects and fabrics. And the customer really liked the carpet of a certain color, but, alas, it did not fit in size. Therefore, I decided to lay out tiles on the floor in the corridor based on his motives. By the way, the customer is also fond of paper modeling, he even has several large paper models. We made them part of the decor - so that they stand out on the white wall, the wall behind the sofa was painted in one of the tile colors. In the Scandinavian style, most often the windows are notthey are closed with any curtains to make the room brighter, but when there are neighboring windows opposite, this is not very comfortable. Therefore, fabric blinds were used here. On the floor in the living room there is a carpet from Designer Carpets VP9 ARug (Germany), the customer brought it himself from a trip. On the walls, the paintable wallpaper was painted with Benjamin Moore paint (USA). One of the walls in the hallway will be painted with paint for chalk drawing on it. Editorial opinion: - It's great when customers are addicted to something. In this case, their creations can be used to decorate the interior. In any case, residents need to store their handicrafts somewhere, and an attempt to fit them into the interior is a great opportunity to arrange them with benefit. The spouse is fond of paper modeling, so his work decorates the living room, and the spouse loves photographs, which also fit well here. For the apartment was chosen Scandinavian style. Customers wanted a dark floor and bright walls, which is typical for this style. The details were made from an unpainted tree (a desk along the wall), light paneled doors - in classical style, in support of them - paneled facades of the kitchen (IKEA) and a tall wooden plinth. At the same time, modern lighting systems are selected and accents are made on details: the Togo sofa of Ligne Roset, the Smeg refrigerator.

So, how do you put a lot of useful zones in small apartments? Here are our tips:

  • In this apartment there was not enough space,Which could be taken under the library. Therefore, the designer resorted to a good idea of ​​placing books on the shelves under the ceiling. So they do not interfere at all, and they can be easily obtained if necessary.
  • Separation of the bedroom into a small isolated area- great idea. Especially if in this room you spend only night. The bedroom can be separated not only by partitions, but also by screens, curtains - in this case it will take even less space.
  • Scandinavian style gives excellent opportunitiesFor house decor. It assumes a ceiling and walls of light tones, often white. However, this is the perfect opportunity to do all the accents on the decor. And in this apartment, in addition to the love of this style of customers, it was also necessary - you needed a place to place spectacular paper mock-ups.
  • One of the most effective ways to carve a couple of meters and make the visual space easier - the combination of the kitchen and living room in one zone.
  • The dark floor and light ceiling are a great welcome, which gives the impression of a very high ceiling. Therefore, if you have little space, you should resort to this trick.
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