How to improve your sleep: the 5 smartest beds in which you sleep like a baby

Do you think there can be nothing better than to lie downsleep in a soft, comfortable, spacious and warm bed? Maybe if she is also smart! Perhaps this is exactly what you are looking for, which is why we have selected for you 5 of the smartest beds of our time. A person spends a third of his life in a dream. Some sleep on the couch, some like to take a nap in an armchair or hammock, but most often they spend the night in bed. It is this attribute that gives people comfort and relaxation, which simply cannot be done without. Therefore, the issue of choosing a bed must be approached with all possible responsibility. If earlier attention was paid to the convenience, size and appearance of the bed, then in the age of rapidly developing technologies it is believed that things for the home should also have some kind of intelligence. In what kind of bed can be called smart, we will try to figure it out in this article.

1. Ultimate Luxury Bed

The Italian designers from HiCan are, in fact,created a full-fledged multimedia center, inside which you can also sleep. The bed is more like a kind of capsule of the future, where, in addition to stylish design, convenience and ergonomics, there are also such interesting additions as a TV, lamps that allow you to read in comfort, a home control center and a blind system to completely isolate yourself from the outside world. This option is suitable for lovers of privacy and everything ultra-modern. Play, read, have fun and do whatever you want without getting out of bed all day long. And Luxury Bed will help you with this.

2. X12 Sleep Number

Sleep number bed functionalitymore like an equalizer than a sleeping item. Here you can adjust the height of the legs and head, make your half of the bed harder or softer, control the brightness of the bedside lamps and lights. And even if your significant other snores at night, by pressing one button on the remote control (Partner Snore function), his side will rise 6 degrees, and this will be enough to stop snoring. In addition, you can control this miracle bed from a convenient device via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The built-in massager and sleep control sensors will help you relax even more and will read all the information you need during your sleep, so that later, using the received data, you can improve your settings and relax with even more comfort. Despite all its charms, such a bed will cost 8 thousand dollars, which will make even the most ardent fan of technology think more than once before buying.

3. Ohea Smart Bed

This instance does not have as many functions asprevious, but there is one that costs a dozen others: this bed itself is running. Yes, that's right: thanks to a special design, she will fill your bed with you, so when you return to the bedroom, brushing your teeth and drinking a cup of coffee, everything will be ready. This is a real find for lazy people and for those who are always late.

4. Clei Nuovoliola 10

This elegant system-transformer shows itsintellect is not in connecting to gadgets and other devices, but in saving space. Especially relevant Nuovoliola will be for those who have a small apartment. In the "Night" position it is an ordinary comfortable double bed, but in the "Day" mode it is transformed into a comfortable sofa with a shelf above, and even with a study. How do you like this transformation?

5. Glow Bed

Design bed from the eccentric KarimRashid is another multimedia center. In addition to the already known functions of suppressing snoring, balancing the height of the legs and head, the box is equipped with an iPod docking station and built-in drawers for storing laundry. Ultra-modern stylish design and the use of glossy surfaces in neon and black colors make this bed very extravagant and attractive.,,,