Organization of space

How to visually increase the space of a small bathroom

How to get rid of the feeling of crowdedness in a smallbathroom? We have prepared five practical tips for you, taking advantage of which, you will love your "baby" and make it visually more. One of the most heartbreaking issues that small-apartment owners face is how to expand space. And especially it concerns the bathrooms, where you often need to fit a washing machine, a laundry basket, and various household trifles. That's why we pay so much attention to such an "acute" issue and do not get tired of telling about secrets that will help you to increase the bathroom.

Compact plumbing

If you plan to do repairs from scratch, then immediatelythink about how the bathroom should look. In most hruschevok a good part of this room is occupied by a bath, after removing which, you noticeably add space. Of course, this is a radical solution, but quite practical. Instead, you can install a corner shower stall or shower tray, which, by the way, takes even less space. A compact corner sink is an alternative to a cumbersome rectangular washbasin. And if you choose a version with a small curbstone, then immediately the issue with storage of hygienic supplies will be solved.

Good Illusion

So, when you were able to free some of the room fromcumbersome plumbing, it is necessary to move on to visual tricks, that is, to expand the space at the expense of color, drawings, finishing materials. Now you become a real magician, whose task is to submit even the simplest illusion so that you are believed at first sight. Here are some methods for this you can use:

  • Let about it it is much written, but we once againLet us repeat: the main "friend" of small spaces is a light color scheme. If you really like chocolate or bright shades, then use them as accents.
  • Small tiles are ready to transform your "crumbs". There is even such an unspoken rule: the smaller the tile, the more the room looks, but the large tile is able to visually "eat space".
  • Mirror in such a bathroom should be required. Desirable large size. Is there no way to hang a mirror of impressive size? Go for the trick, for example, use open mirror shelves or lay a part of the walls with a mirror tile.
  • Vertical and horizontal bars - to the rescue! Vertical stripes create an excellent illusion, lift the ceilings in a visual way and make the bathroom interior interesting. Horizontal bands extend the visual boundaries of space, but at the same time they are suitable for premises with high ceilings, as they "lower" them a little.

Perfect order

Whatever the size of the bathroom, but if in itthere is no order, it will always seem smaller than it really is. Therefore, use all the hidden places to hide the maximum number of bubbles, jars and other hygiene items. The role of hiding places will suit places under the sink and under the bathroom, if you decide to leave it. Suspended corner cabinets can become good assistants. It is desirable - with a mirror or glossy door, to reflect light from them (thereby also increasing the space). Yes, many recommend that open shelves be used in small bathrooms, but if you store very personal hygiene items here, then you will not want to show them off. Our opinion: - Take care not to accumulate a lot of bottles with gels and shampoos in the bathroom, constantly conduct an audit, as even the most beautiful, stylish and expensive repairs can be spoiled by disorder.

Focus - on the floor

It is equally important to choose the right color for the floorcoating. Often, for visual expansion, it is decorated in the same shade as the walls. This creates the integrity of space, but it is better to dilute such an interior with a rug, towels and accessories of a different color. This will help to get away from boredom and diversify the picture, and if you use bright cheerful colors, then give so optimistic note to the interior. It is possible that the floor in the bathroom will echo the pattern, color or style with the floor of the previous room, for example, the corridor. This technique will create the illusion of uniting spaces and will affect not only the visual, but also the psychological level.

Large drawings

Ideal for a small bathroom -A minimalistic style, where the tiles or wallpaper - without drawings and patterns. Are you afraid to make space boring? Use the mosaic, not everywhere, but with small inclusions. Choose for it rich colors to dilute the monotony of light walls. Stick to the classics and you can not live without traditional tiles or wallpaper with patterns? Then do not give preference to large drawings, remember, they visually "eat" precious space. The same applies not only to the walls, but also to the floor. Our opinion: - The floor tile should be only with a matte, non-sliding surface, otherwise on a glossy tile you may get injured. And it is even better to put in the bathroom one or more anti-slip mats that will save you from injury and make the room more comfortable.,,,,