How to make a white interior not boring: a villa on Santorini


Paradise villa on the island of Santorini - beautiful andA romantic holiday destination for honeymooners or people who want to brush up on their relationship. The Aegean Sea and Greek charm will allow you to simply enjoy life, forgetting about everything. Snow-white stone houses, clear waters of the Aegean Sea and picturesque caldera have become the visiting card of the island of Santorini. It's hard to imagine a more romantic place to relax or honeymoon. 2-storey villa Gaia is at the very topThe point of the Greek city of Oia. From here you can contemplate almost the whole island and endless sea spaces. Even above the castle of Santorini, as if from a bird's eye view you can look around the neighborhood, meet the dawn and spend the sunset. White walls of the villa against the backdrop of sea blue and blackThe volcanic rocks look very elegant. The bright and spacious apartments are decorated in a Mediterranean style. The combination of white with various shades of gray creates an amazing atmosphere of peace and comfort. The dining room, which is equipped with elite dining roomsappliances and utensils, designed for 6 people. From here, as well as from the spacious living room, there is an exit to the terrace, where you can enjoy all the same amazing beauties. From the living room you can get into 2 cozy bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. The master bedroom has a balcony, from which it is convenient to admire the rays of the setting sun. A great option for newlyweds and everyone who wants their vacation to be magical and romantic.

Tips for interior decoration in white

  • Try to use objects of complex, fanciful forms: thanks to this the snow-white interior will not look static and lifeless.
  • Animate a white room with interestingTextures and various materials. Choose fluffy pillows, make the walls rough, combine glossy and matte surfaces, light and dense fabrics.
  • White color "erases" the borders, visually expanding the space, so that when you design small spaces, use it in any quantity.
  • To the snow-white interior does not look cold, dilute it with warm shades of white, for example, linseed, creamy, melted milk or ivory.
  • White is the perfect backdrop for other colors. So if you do not want to live in a completely snow-white space, add a few bright accents to it.