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How to save the bedroom from noise outside the window: designers' advice and a couple of lifhaki -

Building under the window? Railways? Third transport ring? Jolly neighbor bought a drum kit? How and what to protect from noise? We have collected for you all available ways to fight and advice from experts Torture insomnia is able to spoil anything, even the house of your dreams. The roar of horns in the traffic jam, the morning squabble of the loaders at the store, the knocking of the wheels of a passing train, the neighbor's drill or the scales of a music school student is a nightmare that harms our health and our mood. The human right to live in peace and quiet - no more than 55 decibels in the afternoon and 40 decibels at night - is guaranteed by law. But what if the Rospotrebnadzor and the police washed their hands? Take everything in your own and do not despair!

1. Saving textiles

An ancient, proven way to reduceannoying noise, adding to it obstacles. Decor us for help! Our wonderful ancestors also knew about the wonderful ability of heavy drapes to absorb unnecessary sounds and hung them in the bedrooms and ballrooms. Especially well consulted with the task of velvet, because of the secular living rooms, he quickly moved to the theatrical stage. Today curtains for theaters and concert halls and special curtains for private interiors are made from acoustic materials that absorb sounds several times better. There are even noise-absorbing wallpapers and paints. Do not forget about the good old carpets and shelves with books. The last, among other things, you can read and read for the future - also helps!

2. Full insulation

If books are not saved, you will have to buildbarricades. According to the accepted engineering standards, sufficient sound insulation from neighbors requires a wall with a thickness of at least 320 mm. In most sample houses, this requirement is met very roughly. Bede is well assisted by modern soundproof materials, which are sold in construction stores. But only if the entire perimeter of the room is isolated. Protection of only walls or ceiling - money wasted. One of the best ways is to use a cork coating.

3. Protection of windows

Jackhammer clatter and alarm roarneighbor's cars penetrate us mainly through the windows. This is the “weakest link” in the external noise protection system. If the house faces a busy highway or railway tracks, the only salvation is plastic windows with double-glazed windows and additional noise insulation. Tatiana Serova, "Windows to the House": - First of all, it is worth calling a measuring engineer for consultation. He will inspect your windows, assess the situation and suggest the best solution. The most common reason for poor sound insulation is the incorrectly selected profile thickness or the thickness of the glass unit. But there may be other reasons: a loosely closed sash, a poor-quality rubber seal, and even voids under the slopes. Such problems often arise due to unregulated or poor-quality fittings, poor-quality profile and lack of reinforcement (structural reinforcement) of the window, but the most common situation is incorrect installation of the window block. The quietest profile in the world today is the Rehau Intelio. If you choose an appropriate technological double-glazed window with additional noise insulation for it, you will not hear a sound from the street until you open the sash.

4. Not a drop

Water, slowly dripping from a loosely wrappedThe crane is a typical thriller and the strongest test for the nervous system. The gasket in the crane in extreme cases can be changed even at night and completely independently. With the noise of water in the plastic drainage and sewage system to cope more difficult. It is possible to completely replace the pipes with soundproofing. But this is expensive, and troublesome. It is much easier to "wrap" the noise pipe with a special sound-absorbing material made of rubber or mineral wool.

5. Local remedy

The fastest and most affordable way to regainpeace - good old ear plugs and noisy headphones. The simplest of them - disposable use - are sold in any pharmacy. Such will suit as a protective measure from households-night owls and snoring of the "average wave". There are "filtering", in which the phone call is audible, but the neighbors are no more. They are usually reusable and washable. And there are some in which nothing is heard, not even an alarm clock. Technomans - earplugs-gadgets, they will let you hear exactly what you want to contribute to the program, and save from everything else. Antinoise headphones operate in an addressable manner - they exclude the noise of certain waves. But here is the big question, what will you get used to before: to noise or to sleep in headphones.

6. Expertise

In the most extreme case, you can call for helpspecialists. The metropolitan center of expertise will send you a whole team of people with special equipment for measurements. They will determine the source of irritation, calculate its level and give recommendations on how to eliminate or reduce the threat. Pleasure is expensive even in the afternoon. And at night the amount will also double. If such measures are too expensive for you, try to overcome the noise with his own weapon - familiar or pleasant sounds for you. This is an individual matter. Someone fits the sounds of the forest in the player, and someone - the noise of a working washing machine.