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How to train yourself to order -

Can not you just accustom yourself to the order? We conducted a study and figured out what exactly this habit comes from and how to learn how to always maintain order and purity in the interior

There are many reasons why your interior is suffering from chronic clutter, and only three principles of adherence to it unquestioningly - discipline, habit and sanity. Discipline

Creative mess promotes comfort andefficiency for the absolute minority of the inhabitants of this world. Most of us, before starting a complex business, rush to clean up and clean the floors. Such is the warehouse of our psyche with you. Talent is only 5% of success, the main driver for it is hard work, and its main principle is discipline. How to apply it to the issue of order in the house? It's pretty straightforward. 1. Everything has its place In the hallway there is a shelf for shoes, in the kitchen there is a compartment for teaspoons in a drawer, and the charger for the phone usually lies in a wicker basket in the bedroom. Each interior has its own organizational rules, if you stop violating them once and for all, you will only hear about things lost in the house in the movies. Well, in the complaints of less collected friends. 2. There is no entropy in the interior.

Forget about the thermodynamic potentials inIn this context, we are talking about a fairly simple phenomenon called chaos. Even if everything lies in its place, it does not guarantee order. Crumpled clothes, located on the right shelf, it's just the appearance of order. Hence the following recommendation: used the thing - bring it to its original state, fold, collect, clean and do everything necessary to ensure that when the thing is needed again, it was in perfect condition. 3. The dirt is mine!

Of course, most of us know how toto fight stains and pollution, but do we always use our skills on time? Traces of lipstick on the cup, drops of oil on the table top, stains on the mirror - it takes from a few seconds to a couple of minutes to get rid of them, but for some reason we regularly leave cleaning for later. Dirt is accumulating, and the desire to get rid of it right now is melting with every minute. Solving the problem is trivial and predictable - get rid of dirt at the time of its appearance. Habit

There are thousands of ways to get rid of harmfulhabits and only one - for working out useful. Regular repetition of necessary, but not always pleasant actions can do wonders. One of such miracles is a nightly inspection of the house in order to identify foci of contamination and disorder. Another good habit is to devote an hour every hour to sharpening knives, rubbing silver and destroying dust deposits in the deepest and most inaccessible places of its accumulation. Sanity

Unreasonable collecting in one is not the mosta cloudless day can cause Plyushkin's syndrome and turn a person, just fascinated by gathering, into "that same obsessed neighbor" who drags the contents of the garbage dump into his own house. Immunity to such a deplorable state will be for you two simple questions that we recommend to ask yourself, looking at individual objects and things.

The first question is: "Would I buy it today?". This question will help you decide on the further fate of interior items that are not burdened with vital functions.

The second question - "Did I wear this duringLast year? "- it is worth" addressing "the items of clothing and accessories. A negative answer should at least make you think about the advisability of storing few actual things in your wardrobe.