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What will be interesting at the Maison & Objet 2016 decor exhibition


Only two weeks left until the largest andan important design event in the fall - the Maison & Objet exhibition. Industry professionals from all over the world will flock to the capital of France for this interior extravaganza, which will take place from 2 to 6 September. Traditionally, it is believed that Maison & Objet is the coolest, largest and most prestigious decor exhibition in Europe. It takes place twice a year, in September and January. And if the winter exhibition is focused on profile orientation, then in the fall they go to the capital of France for the sake of decoration. Traditionally, professionals come here not only from Europe, but also from the USA and Asia. Designers, architects, creatives, young promising professionals, whose finest hour is still ahead, and company directors - all will travel to Paris in early September. You can read about how it was in January at the following links:

Extensive expositions of interior anddesigner novelties, a great variety of combinations, styles and ideas, as well as beauty, elegance and quality of the highest class - all in one place! We expect meetings and conferences with speakers of the first plan, showing actual trends and the most advanced ideas. About three thousand participants and tens of times more visitors will witness the triumph of design, because here you can find inspiration for your projects and get a lot of new impressions and useful information. What does the upcoming autumn-winter season prepare for the interesting? September session of Maison & Objet prepares masssteep. Within the framework of Maison & Objet Projets there will be an exhibition of works of decorators and innovations of various companies, which will occupy hall number 8. It is there that interior designers will be able to find the most perfect design and technical solutions. Also to this major event this year, Paris Design Week joins - an event that implies an expansion of the atmosphere of the holiday and excitement. Week of design will be held throughout Paris, on different sites. Cocktails in show rooms, thematic walks and presentation of works by young talented designers called Now le OFF are expected. Venue Can also be reached by freeBy bus: from the airport it departs from three terminals (Terminal 1 - gate 8, 2D - gate 11, 2F - gate 6) every half hour, and from Porte Maillot metro station - every 15 minutes. The exhibition is open from 9:30 to 19:00, the last bus leaves at 17:30 (on the last day - an hour earlier). You cannot bring your luggage to the exhibition, but you can leave it in the cloakroom. And don't forget to print your badge (admission ticket) valid for all five days of the event. In fact, if you thought that Maison & Objet would take place in the very center of Paris, then this is not at all the case. The area where the exhibition will take place resembles the location of the Moscow Crocus Expo. That is, outside the city. From Charles de Gaulle airport to the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center, there are only two train stations (RER, line B3 to the Parc des Expositions stop). There is no need to take a taxi, it will stop just 200 meters closer to the entrance. The exit is in the 4th zone, the cost of a round-trip ticket is about 4 euros. It is better to buy a ticket in advance so as not to stand in lines. The very space for the exhibition this timehas undergone changes to make it much easier for visitors to navigate and find what they want. Three thematic sections help you immediately understand where to go. Pavilions 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 B represent the Maison space, displaying furniture and all major décor, lighting and textiles. Pavilions 5 A and 6 are dedicated to Objet - household items and hand-made products, as well as clothes, smart gadgets, toys and home fragrances. And the most exclusive and creative, lifestyle and luxury luxury await visitors in Pavilions 7 and 8 - Luxury, Design & Interior Decoration. But even taking into account the past reorganization, it takes 2-3 days to master everything. Therefore, we suggest focusing on the most interesting that can be found. Highlights at a glance Let's take a look at each room in the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center to see what to focus on. Because there is no other way: Maison & Objet is the whole universe! Eclectic (Hall 1) and Cozy (Hall 2) In these halls, you will immediately plunge into the atmosphere of global decor, which can inspire and surprise. Soft interior solutions - textiles, pillows, blankets and designer items - will add warmth and comfort to the space, so that guests feel at home. Here you can appreciate the splendor and style of the Swedish brand Olsson & Jensen, as well as the creativity of the German designer Anke Drechsel. Anke Drechsel Anke Drechsel Olsson & Jensen Olsson & Jensen Elegant (Hall 3 and Hall 4) By itselfthe name makes it clear that you won't find common items here. Timeless sophistication, new views on style and the charm of originality - it is best to start visiting the exhibition right from these halls. Everyone will traditionally go to look at the British brand Andrew Martin, which has always been associated with fashionable and stylish interiors. But now they have ceded this title to the Dutch brand Eichholtz, which is also in this hall. By the way, there is a new store of this brand in Moscow recently. Eichholtz Andrew Martin INTL LTD Andrew Martin INTL LTD Eichholtz Eichholtz Eichholtz Also the crowd can be seen onThe stands Blugirl and Blumarine, from which the Italian warmth. This atmosphere is supported by the brands Carrara and Roberto Cavalli, Belgian Dome Deco and Fancy, some of whose collections appeared recently in Eurodom, as well as the Danish Christina Lundsteen and Georg Jensen. The latter company, by the way, is known as a manufacturer of silver and jewelry, but then suddenly it will please visitors with textiles. Dome Deco Fancy Blugirl Blumarine Home Collection Blumarine Christina Lundsteen Dome Deco Dome Deco Fancy Fancy Georg Jensen Damask Georg Jensen Damask Georg Jensen Damask Roberto Cavalli Roberto Cavalli The Mis en factory deserves special attentiondemeure decoration, which is a true French decor style. The effect of the contemplation of their objects will prove that the interior requires bright colors, and different materials can not only be mixed, but also necessary. Italian luxury bedding manufacturers La Perla Home, working in close contact with Fassani, as well as Svad Dondi, classic Trussardi Home Linen and the elite among bedroom textiles - Signoria Di Firenze, will delight with new collections. Undoubtedly, attention will also be drawn to the Spanish brand Guadarte and the Portuguese Serip, the German brands Lambert and Zoeppritz since 1828, the Dutch family company Richmond Interiors by Spieghel and even cool accessories by the American designer Michael Aram. By the way, we wrote about him in great detail. Mis en demeure decoration Serip Michael Aram Guadarte Guadarte Michael Aram Richmond Interiors By Spieghel Serip Signoria Di Firenze Zoeppritz since 1828 Signoria Di Firenze Mis en demeure decoration Signoria Di Firenze Serip Michael Aram Actuel (Hall 5 B)do not look. The purity and design of the Belgian style is embodied in the products of the Flamant brand. 10 years ago, everyone was just crazy about him. Together with them, the kingdom will be represented by Henry Dean, Vincent Sheppard and Royal Botania, known for their garden furniture and outdoor design. Next to them is the recognized leader among the producers of biofireplaces Planika and the Mexican company Polart, which is famous all over the world for its commitment to the colonial style. Their furniture is unlike anything else - we called it "Mannerist Baroque": unimaginably crazy colors that give fresh emotions. It will be especially interesting to look at the work of our compatriots - the creative studio Max Kasymov. But with Rosemarie Schulz, you should be careful and prepare ammonia. Seriously. This German company is known for its products from live moss, natural and artificial flowers and other variations with plants. You can accidentally faint. Rosemarie Schulz Royal Botania Max Kasymov Polart Flamant Polart Planika Vincent Sheppard Flamant Rosemarie Schulz Max Kasymov Max Kasymov Planika Polart Planika Rosemarie Schulz Hall 5 A Huge Spacethe hall was given over to the foundations of a modern interior, aromas of the future, kitchen creativity and rare products. Very small accessories or creative items can be purchased immediately. In the part of the complex close to Hall 6, you can find products of the following companies: Bugatti, Gien, Koziol, De Buyer, Cristal de Sevres, ZACK GmbH, Spiegelau, Schott Zwiesel, Boker Manufaktur Solingen, Iittala. We advise you to pay attention to the bright brand IVV Everyday. As well as designer dishes from ASA Selection, handicrafts from Hoganasgruppen, Legnoart kitchen utensils, the expensive and creative Blomus brand suitable for high-tech, and, of course, Thermos. Who came up with a thermos. Rosenthal GmbH Boker Manufaktur Solingen ASA Selection ZACK GmbH HG Bugatti De Buyer Gien Iittala IVV Everyday Legnoart Spiegelau Bugatti HG Boker Manufaktur Solingen Legnoart In a zone called Complements, you canto look at various accessories - vases, caskets and stuff - from the brand Chic Antique Denmark or inexpensive decor items from CoteTable. And in the part of the hall marked as Fragrances, an aromatic blow is simply guaranteed. Perfume and accessories from Christian Lacroix, Esteban, Parks London and Karl Lagerfeld - you will not lose if you go here! Chic Antique Denmark. Christian Lacroix Esteban Esteban Karl Lagerfeld Parks London Chic Antique Denmark. Parks London Hall 7 Interior Scenes - herethe emphasis is on them. For example, here you can find exclusive handmade furniture Boca Do Lobo from Portugal, which has conquered the whole world. Or another representative of this small country - Munna, offering the Art Deco style as something special, bright and elegant. A must-see. As well as the exquisite brand Agresti, and the strict German manufacturer Furstenberg, and Legle, and Villary, and Sieger. Particular attention is paid to Moser - one of the most famous brands of crystal. And Limoges porcelain from Robert Haviland. Emanuel Ungaro Home Legle Agresti Agresti Boca Do Lobo Emanuel Ungaro Home Furstenberg Moser Munna Furstenberg Moser Agresti Munna Moser Legle Hall 8 As mentioned above, herethere are works of many famous designers, innovative and perfect. In this room, you will meet Anna Muravina, and you will also be able to see the coolest lighting from Italy. Anyone who missed designer lighting and the very laconic shape of lamps should run to Artemide. And for new impressions related to tiles, you can look at the stand. Artemide Porcelanosa Grupo Anna Muravina Artemide Anna Muravina Porcelanosa Grupo Each Maison & Objet exhibition hostsaward ceremony "Designer of the Year". This time the coveted statuette will be taken by the British interior architect Ilse Crawford. This is known in advance, but how much more new and interesting can be found in Paris in the first days of autumn! The official representative of Maison & Objet in Russia and the CIS countries is. The editorial staff of the portal also travels to Paris to promptly cover all the events taking place there and show cool news that everyone will talk about in the next six months. We'll meet there!