What items in your apartment are just superfluous -


Mired in a pile of "the most necessary" and "what is a pity to throw away"? We will teach you to separate the grain from the chaff

Human nature is such that, together with lifeexperience we accumulate a huge number of things, the need for which is far from always high. In this material, we will try to figure out what only takes up space in your house and does not allow you to move through life easily and carefree. 1. Gifts

Well, about carelessness, we bent,getting rid of some things will be really difficult. Unused, strange or simply stupid gifts, at different times settled in your home, just "such things."

Vase, which is not something to touch, evenbe in the same room with her eerie; four trays - with painting, carving, burning and engraving; two dozen heavy frames for photos - despite the fact that you never put a photo on public display; author's painting of the most apathetic properties and most importantly - a set of models of fruits and vegetables to "revive" the kitchen. There are gifts really important, they are not useful, but inexpressibly expensive as a memory. But such things are one, everything else is rubbish. 2. Doubles

Most often duplicates of things appear justthanks to the first point. And we store them for decades at a time - suddenly come in handy. Not useful. Over the years, they are morally obsolete and will be interesting except that commission stores. 3. Technology

Not all, of course, but if you keep in the houseVHS-player only for watching the recording from the graduation, perhaps it's time to digitize the video cassettes? At the same time you can subject to the same process audio cassettes, dictaphone and photographic films. Long live the XXI century - two hefty boxes with archives of your life fit on one tiny flash drive. You have become a vegetarian, but for some reason you still have an electric meat grinder in your house? The facial massager, which you used twice and put aside "for later", it is better to send to the same wanderings as the meat grinder. 4. Boxes for shoes

And where is the store then the shoes, you ask? The answer is simple and brilliant - in organizers, which occupy dozens of times less space and do not spoil the interior. 5. Rags

The phrase "on rags" in respect of herthings are no longer relevant. Rags are now sold in the hosotdel of any supermarket. To collect and throw something spilled can be with paper towels at the same second, and not after 20 minutes of searching for a suitable piece of cloth, when everything will be so diluted that it will only be managed by general cleaning. Old bed-clothes, torn clothes that have served their curtains - all this gives hope for the future for moths, but does not benefit you and your house in any way. 6. Clothing

There is an old, but very good rule: if you did not wear a thing for a year, you do not need it. Good advice, right? With regard to wedding and prom dresses, which occupy half of the wardrobe, another rule applies - common sense is above all. If the first dress you expect to pass to the next generation of women of your kind, try to remember what your mother was marrying, and think, would you wear it yourself. Is the answer positive? We leave the first dress, we pass to the second. Can you zip it yourself? 7. Wires

Adapters, headphones, charging, which you have not used a year, irrelevant. It's logical, is not it? 8. Tableware

A pan without pens, frying pan, original colorwhich no one remembers, the service that found its last shelter in the obstructions on the balcony, upholstered cups and cracked plates (in them pots with flowers can be put ... someday). This is not all, there is another addiction of very many women - glass jars. If you do not engage in salting and twisting, you do not need them. At least in such quantity. 9. Building materials

Each house should have a small pot of gluefor all occasions, a small jar of paint for walls (if painted), a set of 2-3 tiles (in case of mechanical damage to the bathroom liner) and a moderate amount of wallpaper. If all this set is placed in a small box, which can raise the child, then everything is correct. 10. Hobbies

If you write cityscapes at least once inyear, then an easel with paints is, of course, useful to you, but if you abandoned the braiding of bracelets about five years ago, why do you keep a set of tools of 12 items and three kilograms of beads? Perhaps it's time to make happy those who need it.