What to do with an apartment if it has only one window: an example from the Moscow region

Alas, modern mass construction is notideally. And sometimes such houses are built, in which, it seems, it is simply impossible to live. And this problem has to be solved by designers. This studio apartment is located in the residential complex "Moscow Vodniki", which is located in the city of Dolgoprudny, Moscow region, near the Klyazma reservoir. The total area of ​​the apartment is 36.5 square meters. m. At the moment, it is under repair - according to the plan, proposed by designer-decorator Marina Sargsyan.


In order to solve the main problem of an apartment(the presence of only one window), it was necessary to make changes in its layout. As a result, it was decided to slightly move the wall between the room and the corridor, which allowed a little increase in its area. And the general space of the studio was divided into two rooms (11.3 sq. M each). To light from the window penetrated into most of the apartment, the partition that divides the space into the bedroom and kitchen-living room, made sliding and completely glass.

Color and furniture

Associations with cornflowers, summer landscapes, riverand the sky formed the basis of the color concept of the interior. The main colors are white, beige, light yellow and blue, which became the main theme of this interior. The designer and the customer are planning to buy furniture mainly in IKEA. The only exceptions are a sofa, a small armchair, a bed and a dining group - vintage furniture from Gramercy Home. But the partitions between the bedroom and the kitchen and the window are planned to be made to order: it is almost impossible to find what you need in stores. Marina Sarkisyan, designer-decorator: "Every new project for me is a different world, a different reality. Creating an interior for another person, I, like an actor, immerse myself in a new image, in order to create a harmonious and cozy space for the customer, taking into account my knowledge and experience. A push to create a specific interior can serve as a line from the poem, the hero of the novel, the landscape, the smallest detail. "


The image of the apartment is eclectic, modern furnitureIt is combined with vintage furniture. As a decoration used antique engravings, antique sewing machine. All this creates coziness, gives the interior some poetry. Marina Sarkisyan, designer-decorator: "When designing an interior, two components should be considered: functionality and comfort, without which it is impossible to create a harmonious space. It does not need to be overloaded with decorative elements. Decor should be represented only by light "smears".


The bedroom has plenty of natural light, sothe lighting here is made central. Above the bed is a sconce. In the kitchen-living room, deprived of windows, the light is organized above the table. Separately, the ancient engravings on the walls are highlighted. In all other areas, the light is dotted. The peculiarity of this apartment - one single window - has become a major problem. How well we can solve it, we'll see after the implementation of the project.