What to do with the window sill: 89 unusual and simple ideas

A thing like a window sill is in every house. You can just put a couple of flower pots on it, or you can build a cozy place for reading, rest, work or for contemplation and reflection - it's a little thing! Happy owners of city apartments often complain that they lack two important things: space and natural light. Even if we manage to rationally place furniture in the apartment, and now the beds, cabinets, tables and tables are complementary, the places for storing things in the apartment remain catastrophically small. And when you put the furniture and put things on the cabinets and mezzanines, you found out that the room is dark all the time, and even in the daytime you have to turn on the light. Especially often this happens in the winter, when the days are so short. Outside the window it's late and early darkens, and the human body is acutely aware of the lack of sunlight. We will not discount such an obligatory thing in the apartment as a window sill. We have found for you many ideas that will help fight the lack of light and space for things.

Window sills as storages

You can store anything here - warm things in the summer, your favorite DVDs, books or toys.

Reading corner

For those who like to read: cabinets and shelves with books are perfectly combined with comfortable pillows, blankets and natural light from the window. An ideal place!

For dreamers and romantics

For those who like to reflect on life, observeFor the starry sky or just basking in the mornings in bed, soft and comfortable sofas are what you need. Even these sofas are simply made for romantic dates.

If the house has a staircase

If you have enough free space in your house, this space can be used properly.

For workaholics

Often the labor process proceeds in the same place where you live, and it is very simple to equip the workplace of the house without occupying a large area.

Wood-bound window sill

Natural material, warm and "alive" to the touch, is preferable to soulless plastic.

Home garden

In the end, you can use the window sill in the simplest way by placing on it your own small garden. And beautiful, and everything is good - and plants, and people.