With your own hands

What to do with wine stoppers, which remained after the holidays

New Year holidays are over. After them there were not only pleasant memories, but also a good part of wine corks. Do not rush to throw them away, today we will tell you how to make them useful and beautiful decor. We continue to tell how ordinary and seemingly unnecessary items can be turned into comfortable and practical decorative elements. We collected 25 interesting ideas that are easy to implement at home, even without being a professional decorator. Today we are talking about wine stoppers, which are a lot left after the New Year celebrations.

Stands under the hot

One of the most practical options is to makeWine cork stand for hotter. They are always needed, there is not much such good. In addition, the cork is perfect for this, since it does not deteriorate from hot and will protect your table from undesirable temperature effects. You can make such supports yourself by simply gluing them together. For a change, you can cut the wine plug into equal parts and connect them together with a special glue. There is another option, it will require a foundation, which then will need to secure the plugs. For this, you can take photo frames that are the same in style or color, with a beautiful design. Then cut the plugs along into two pieces. After that, with glue, closely attach the halves of the plugs to the substrate. Such stands look very creative and interesting. They are well used both for cups with hot tea, and for wine glasses.

Rugs, panels, kitchen aprons

It turns out that wine corks can be of good qualityService, and even make a note of creativity in the interior. A vivid example of this - wall panels of traffic jams. Some craftsmen lay out whole kitchen aprons and wall them. Of course, for these purposes you need a lot of traffic jams, but if you do not throw them away, and determine for them some kind of box (for example, from under shoes) and put them there, sooner or later you will gain a certain number of traffic jams. So you can independently make of them if not a whole wall, then at least a beautiful panel. For a better effect, you can cover it with a transparent pearl lacquer, which is usually used for wallpapers. Our opinion: - If your walls do not need an additional decor, then make a small rug. Then you can arrange it in the hallway or in the bathroom - beautiful and practical. In addition, the cork is pleasant to the touch, ecological and aesthetically attractive.

Organizers and note boards

Wine corks - a universal option for the mostA variety of handicrafts, useful and convenient. For example, they make excellent organizers for storing jewelry and jewelry. To produce such an object you will need a frame with a substrate, small hooks and glue. Do the organizer on the same principle as the stands for cups and wine glasses. As for design, then you can show your creative nature to the fullest. In addition to organizers, it is easy to make a note board from a wine cork and hang it in the hallway or living room. Fix to her family photos, using office pins, for a variety choose color options. On the same board you can leave messages to relatives, fixing notes on it. Nadezhda Mits'kova, decorator, graduate of the school "Details": - The use of wine cork as an interior decor can be quite diverse. From such an apparently simple material, you can create a lot of things, not only decorative, but also useful in your home. It can be just stand for cups and hot, different panels, volumetric letters and numbers. Interesting and quite simple in the implementation of the idea of ​​using traffic jams is a notice board. Glue halves or whole plugs on a substrate of the required size. As a basis, you can also use a photo frame. With buttons or pins, you can easily attach various notes, photos and reminders to this board. In the continuation of the topic of notes: it is very easy to make magnets from the plugs on the refrigerator. In this case, you will need a magnetic tape or flat souvenir magnets. The plugs can be cut along or across and glued to them with a magnet. In my opinion, such a variant is visually more aesthetic than the souvenir products already stuffed with nausea.

Summer decor

If your interior is designed in a certain style,With which wine corks do not combine, why not try to make interesting decor objects for the country. For example, decorate flower pots or make a room curtain. Some go further than decor items and create whole chairs of cork. It looks very unusual. Our opinion: - And for a summer residence you can make very attractive birdhouses from cork. Just do not forget to cover them with varnish, so that the cottage will last longer to please the birds in your garden.

For the soul

There are people who love something all the timeTinkering. In their hands, even a regular cork turns into a stylish piece of decor. It allows you to create interesting compositions in the form of hearts, letters and numbers, funny little animals. In order to make own handicrafts of cork, you do not need to be a professional, take courses in decorating art or be a master craftsman. It is enough only to have the source material (cork, glue, clerical knife) and a good mood. Decor, in which there will be a part of your soul, will become a true decoration of the interior. Olga Savchenko, interior designer: - The remaining cork after the New Year can easily be used as a decoration. The easiest way: to assemble into a wide transparent vase and use as a candlestick. In combination with any glass object, the cork will look quite advantageous as a simple decoration - between the glass tabletops of the table, in the glasses. Decor can be diluted with artificial snow or any other contrasting filler. pinterest.com