Organization of space

Soon to school: we will re-equip the children in three days -

To convert a nursery into a first-grade roomIs not an easy task for parents. How to make everything quickly and at no extra cost? In our article - practical advice and a plan for three days Where in a small nursery to find a place for a workplace? How to choose the right table and adjust lighting? Where to store new things? How can not you forget anything? It's simple! We act according to plan.

Day 1. We think about division into zones

Divide the nursery space into three zones:for study, games and recreation. Don't turn the nursery into an office. A writing desk (or desk) with a chair, a place for books - this is quite enough for a first grader. Decide in advance how much of the room the work area will occupy. It is recommended to place the desk by the window to take advantage of natural light. It is better to put the table not opposite the window, but sideways so that the light falls from the side. This will reduce the strain on your eyesight. If your child is right-handed, the table should be so that the light falls from the left, and vice versa. The play area can be placed directly on the floor in the center of the room. Try to visually separate this area with a bright rug, poufs or pillows. The relaxation area is primarily a place to sleep. In a small nursery, to save space, you can put a loft bed and place a play or work area right below it. Our opinion: - In advance, consider where the child will store books and textbooks. The simplest version is hanging open shelves and drawers of the table. If there is a closet in the nursery, some of the unnecessary things can be cleaned and free up space for school supplies.

Day 2. We equip the workplace

The desk and chair must be matchedsize ". It's easy to check. Place the child at the table - the edge of the table should be a few centimeters below chest level. To find out if a chair is suitable, sit the child so that his feet are flat on the floor, while the knees should be bent at right angles. If the chair is too tall, use a footrest. An excellent solution - tables and chairs with variable height or "growing desk". Be sure to ask if the child is comfortable in his workplace. When choosing furniture, remember that the optimal colors for a first grader's work area are calm and restrained. Beige, blue, light green will help not to be distracted during class. Our opinion: - Excellent addition to the work corner - slate with colored crayons. On it you can draw, solve examples and write dictations. This is an easy way to make activities interesting and diverse.

Day 3. We work on lighting. Adding Details

Better to use two types of lighting:top and table. You can make built-in lighting above the table. A simpler option is to add a light or desk lamp. Remember to place the light on the left for right-handers and on the right for left-handers. So, the workplace is ready. Add bright accents! Try to fit crafts, funny posters and stickers, a map of the world and a globe, colorful table accessories into the interior.