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A spacious loft for three cats and their owners


Today we will show you a real loft, withConcrete ceilings, brick walls and huge chimneys under the ceiling. However, it is very cozy. Here you will find many excellent ideas on how to organize loft space, both for decoration and decoration. Or do you think that the loft does not need decoration? Today we are visiting a couple from Coasing (Taiwan). The couple are the masters of three wonderful cats and no less wonderful loft. Loft is a real example of this style, in it everything is done according to the rules for the design of post-industrial premises in residential, even houses for furry pets. Loft is not to be confused with anything.This style is distinguished by open space, a minimum of furniture, floor-to-ceiling windows, brick or concrete walls and the presence of open pipes as a business card. All functional areas of the room are usually divided using variable zoning. What does it mean? Each of the zones is highlighted with color, texture and decor. Most often, light accent (lamps, lamps), color contrasts (black floor, bright green furniture upholstery), glass partitions are used as zoning tools. This preserves the industrial features of the interior and at the same time makes the room more comfortable. Brickwork of walls, pipes painted with bright silver and deliberately rough, sometimes rustic plaster are the basis of the loft style. Sometimes the loft is styled as steampunk. In this case, things are added to the decor that visually resemble the beginning of the 20th century. The project we have chosen is a classic in lofts. See for yourself.

Central loft area. Living room. Hall

We begin our tour from the central loft area, which unites the hall, the living room and partly the dining room. The furniture is very simple, made from what the loft was filled with earlier. Many wooden surfaces and pipes. The floor is concrete, brick walls are kept on the walls.

Seals and their place in the house

The owners of the loft are very fond of their pets. When planning lofts, it was taken into account that animals need to equip their own place for living and for recreation. Judging by the photo, the tailed handsome are very happy with the zoning and design.

Kitchen, dining room and part of the living room from the kitchen side

Despite the presence of decor and uncharacteristicloft, the number of accessories, kitchen, dining area and dining area in the living room delight in their simplicity. The interior of these zones is a bit like the scenery for Soviet science fiction or adventure films such as Captain Nemo and In Search of Captain Grant. In the kitchen and dining area of ​​the loft, the nautical theme is clearly visible. A little steampunk adds charm to the room. Our opinion: - The loft turned out to be very simple and comfortable. Open spaces and simple furniture combined with useful pipes mean that the designer's task to make the loft cozy is 100% complete.

Bedroom and dressing room

The bedroom and dressing room in the loft are made inthe spirit of glam minimalism. Simple cubic furniture and open pipes are leveled by delicate creamy and pink colors. The bedroom is large, large windows visually expand the space. The wooden floor creates an atmosphere of coziness and a bit of bourgeois comfort. Pay attention to the wooden shelves built into the walls. This is a prime example of the most useful space used.