The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

Style loft in the interior - studio 71 meters


We found a luxury penthouse that immediatelyattracted us with some amazing ideas. In addition to the fact that this room is a real loft, created on a space of 71 meters, it is also a film studio! This is the first time such a project is published on our resource. This is not an apartment or a salon, or even a showroom, but a real film studio. The author of the project, Yana Molodykh, spoke about what is what and how. Yana Molodykh, interior designer

Education: Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture (KNUBA) and School-Studio "Details", Moscow.

Specialization: design and decoration of residential and public premises (restaurants, offices, boutiques).

Motto: "Love people and love what you do, and the world around you will become much more beautiful."

- Previously, there was a roof on the site of the premises, whichcould have been open, but the customer decided to convert this space into a private space. He is the owner of a film studio, and this place, according to his idea, was to become an island for solitude, relaxation, and even some kind of meditation. The customer did not want to close the windows with any protective systems, leaving the opportunity to watch the clouds float across the sky.

The film studio is located on the territorythe former cannery, and organically blended into the interior and supported the general concept of the film studio. There was no special redevelopment - a structure of glass and metal was erected over the roof, a ventilation system was installed, and the floors were prepared.

The implementation of the facility took two months - the customer wanted to get a ready interior for his birthday, and the time was tight, there was no time to think.

In the design, it was decided to use naturalcolors that accentuate the texture of concrete and stone. The color of the walls is determined by the color of the concrete. There was also made decorative plaster imitating concrete panels. The light scenario of space wascreate a relaxed mood, snatching out individual zones and dissolving glass walls in the dark. The color in the interior of the special binding was not - the main task was to create a calming atmosphere. Leather lampshades of table lamps and a floor lamp with gold dusting inside created a soft diffusing light, floodlights under the ceiling - on the dimmer, thanks to which it is possible to regulate the degree of illumination of the interior and to change the angle of illumination, highlighting certain zones.

A library, a TV stand, a table and a window sill - all this is done according to my author's sketches out of an oak file, tinted according to the chosen shades.

The choice of furniture was due to elevator stylistics,in which there is necessarily skin and wood. The interior was supposed to look familiar, with a history. A solid, solid leather sofa made by the French brand Hazel. Opposite him, against the background of the window, is an easy, airy classic velor sofa from Belgians from Pomax - he softens the male brutal interior a little. Between the sofas there is a wooden table on wheels, handmade, also created in Pomax.

Near the fireplace - leather armchairs Bugatti chairs fromall the same Pomax, they add dynamics to the interior. In the corner there is an egg-chair Pomax - near it a small coffee table Pomax and a rare bicycle of the Spanish brand Francisco Segarra. Behind the mirror hides the TV. The bio-fireplace Planika warms with its warmth and creates a feeling of comfort in this glass room.

The walls are decorated with decorative plaster, imitating the texture of concrete. Textile decoration is made with the help of pillows of the Belgian brand Dome Deco.

Floors - from the brushed decked oak board. In the area of ​​the negotiating table, porcelain stoneware was used with imitation of the marble pattern - this decision is caused by the desire to visually divide the room into two zones, not only by the fireplace portal, but also by different-leveled floors with different coverings. Doors are also oak, with glass inserts with facet, repeating the color and texture of the library's shelves and not stand out against its background.

This project is one of my favorites. The tight deadlines did not allow time for reflection, the whole process of selection was often intuitive. Everything went quite calmly, the customer was satisfied, and I got a wonderful experience in a limited time and learned to trust my intuition in choosing a decor.