Ideas for small interiors

Stylish creative interior of a small apartment, Moscow

Nadezhda Ivanova Today our attention is focused onthe work of a young designer. This is the first project of this kind in a talented artist Sergei Babayev, which was inspired by a young, beautiful actress Nadezhda Ivanova. Together they were able to fulfill her dream of a comfortable harmonious and convenient.

Nadezhda Ivanova's story about herself

When I was in school, I knew that when sheI will finish, I will try to fulfill my dream: to become an actress. When I entered all Moscow theater schools, I managed to become a student of the Boris Schukin Theater Institute in 2006. At this point, I can already boast that I had some roles in TV shows and theatrical productions. The understanding that I have a desire to participate in any projects comes gradually. I believe that in the future I will have many exciting and interesting roles.

The emergence of the idea of ​​decorating the apartment

Inheritance from grandparents, I got thisan apartment. She was old, and she needed urgent repairs, she would decide to do it, I could not. I had a fear that if I started, then in order to complete it I would not have enough money. Although its total area is only 40 square meters. When I got tired of living in rented apartments, I had a desire to have my own native corner, to which I could return after hard working days. It was at this stage in my life that I met Sergey.

What was originally the idea?

I did not set any clear task. I wanted to get a cozy, calm and comfortable place where you could relax and unwind from the bustle of the big city. The main desire was to have drawings on the walls. During the search for the artist I got the work of Sergei, who really liked. We decided to meet to discuss this idea, but it turned out that he has a lot more ideas than me. The confidence instilled in them confirmed that everything is possible, and then we began to think through the whole interior step by step. The appearance of the apartment after repair

Are you satisfied with the work done?

Of course! All conceived ideas were realized. The inspiration comes to me in the apartment. When I look out the window for a cup of coffee, I am overwhelmed with great joy. After all, in its arrangement, I put a drop of my soul. I think that all changes are still ahead. In more detail about the implementation of this project, we asked who was the author and just a talented person, Sergey Babayev. Portrait of the author Sergey - interesting and non-standardthinking person. He began his path artist with. Over time, having mastered this art, sculpture and creation of design retro-bicycles. A new and no less interesting occupation was the work on the interior of the apartment of Nadezhda Ivanova.

Sergey, what tasks did you set for yourself?

Nadya wanted to be comfortable and harmonioushousing. It was supposed to be simple and fit its subtle and creative personality. In order to realize her dreams, I picked up a modern style, which is very popular now in England. To reflect the uniqueness of the profession of Nadi, I decided to build a small dressing room in a secluded corner of the apartment.

Work with light

This project was the first in my life in which Iacted as an interior designer. Due to the fact that I had a drawing experience, I was a little easier. I had no problems with choosing the right colors and atmosphere. Experience in the selection of light range, I got on courses at the British Higher School of Design. He studied the basic principles of painting and sculpture, and also received knowledge of rhythmics, dynamics, statics, color theory and symmetry. By this time I already had two formations: linguistic and economic. Table lamp

The choice of furniture for the apartment

All the furniture and more for this room we . There were many different reasons for such a decision. First of all, there were things that were perfectly suited for the implementation of all our ideas. In this store, we were able to find good wooden furniture. Moreover, it turned out much cheaper there, and significantly faster than it languishes in anticipation of the shipment of furniture in Europe.

What are the problems during implementation?

We encountered many differentthe difficulties, most of which arose because of the small space and the lack of understanding of those who brought our ideas to life. The indignation of the workers was based on the fact that the apartment was planned to realize a lot on a tiny space. Most of the disputes were about the bathroom, because I wanted to put a large luxurious bath, but there was not enough room for it. Therefore, we decided to put a shower tray. You, as well as the hostess of this apartment, in your bathroom can replace the bath with a shower stall, freeing one corner in the room. Bathroom

Do you like what happened as a result?

Of course, I am very pleased with what happened. I managed to implement many of my own ideas. We can say that I put my soul into this work, because I did some elements of the decor myself, for example, three-dimensional drawings on batteries. Work on this project has not yet been completed, as I am preparing canvases especially for him.