Interior of a studio apartment

Stylish design project of a small apartment

Planning the interior of a house built ofpanels, designers faced some difficulties: how to organize a modern open space of an apartment, in which all rooms are rather small in size. As a result, some walls and partitions had to be removed. In prefabricated houses, the bathroom is often divided into very cramped spaces: a toilet and a bathroom. It was decided to combine them together in order to get a full-fledged large and comfortable bathroom. On the plan from the hallway to the kitchen the path goes through an additional corridor. The usual bedroom door is replaced with a sliding door, such a reception visually connects all the rooms of the apartment into a single space, full of space and freedom. At the same time, the living room remained unaffected and thus, as it were, slightly detached, which allows it to be used as a holiday destination for the whole family or a guest bedroom. The use of light neutral tones createsa single style in the design of an apartment of 46 square meters. m, and the addition of bright color elements divides the premises into zones by function. Placing accents, the designers used the game of color on various textures: textiles, decorative furniture fronts, paper photo pictures.

Living room

In the design of the apartment integrity can be traced, although each room has its own unique image. In the largest room attracts the eye ceiling with a scattering of medium-sized square lamps. In the interior of the living room taken as the basis of the color of the sunand sky. They can be seen in the decoration of furniture, on the curtains in the design of the window, on reproductions above the couch and on the wall. A small coffee table, consisting of two independent parts, allows you to use them separately. Two one-color ottomans of blue and yellow color personify freedom of movement, which is an important component of comfortable life. The dark gray carpet on the floor slightly calms the screaming brightness of the colors in the interior of a 2-room apartment. On the wall opposite the window, locatedlarge shelving with lots of open and closed shelves. It is designed to store books and souvenirs, as well as to hide bedding and other personal belongings from prying eyes. Closed shelves have decorative facades of pleasant delicate colors. The chaotic arrangement of the elements makes the room original and unique.


In the design of the apartment 46 square. m kitchen is a special room. To make this area more spacious, the walls are painted white. The apron and the wall at the stove became the central elements in the kitchen space. It is easy to see here the features of the industrial style. A whitewashed brick wall and an extract of a classic metal-colored shape with a rather long tube remind us of the loft style. In the cozy atmosphere of a small room is beautifulsave space folding wooden chairs. And in order to sit on them more comfortably, there are cushions in the covers with covers of a patterned American flag. Due to the limited space and the inability to place a full-fledged refectory, it was decided to install a worktop of good width instead of a window sill from a material that imitates a stone. It turned out a comfortable dining area in which you can drink coffee with a bun or dine with the whole family.


In the interior design of a 2-room apartment, the main accents are the bright colors of the decorative elements, for example, the rich green color in the bedroom. The armchair in the room, the curtains on the window and the decorative facades of the doors on the shelves in the shelves are all painted in the color of young grass. Even the cover and the reproduction on the wall have the same palette. The window sill is transformed into a long working near the window. Above it, like raindrops, lamps at different levels in rounded transparent shades hang at different levels. Thanks to this unique lighting design, the workspace looks harmonious and original. Above the bed there are decorative black sconces that can change the direction of the incident light with the help of a hinged mechanism.


In the design project of an apartment of 46 square meters. m planned to connect the bathroom and toilet. As a result, a new spacious room appeared, in which it was quite comfortable to sit: a toilet, a bath and a washing machine, which found a place for itself between the washstand and the pedestal against the wall. Walls of white color visually increase the space and are combined with a pale blue tint floor, as well as with white and blue tiles, framing the water treatment area. The same pattern on the tile on the wall behind the toilet. Geometrical themes in the bathroom can be traced throughout: the pattern on the tile, rectangular bath and non-standard sink.

Entrance area

Of course, without entering the apartment, it is impossiblefamiliarize yourself with the interior design. And the first impression is already formed when it enters the hallway. Here, the guest will be surprised by the charming poof of a juicy orange color, which sets up a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere even without the help of other decorative elements. Gray walls are dynamically cut by mirrors.different format on some separate plane. The floor has the most wear-resistant coating - porcelain stoneware, which imitates wooden floors with its pattern. This color creates a feeling of comfort and goes well with the decorative trim of the cabinet. Instead of the usual bedroom door installed sliding, which saves the hallway space.