The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

Stylish interior: redevelopment and design of a three-room apartment for a young family

With the help of competent redevelopment and painstakingwork of architects, the apartment in the "stalinka" of the 50s of the building turned into a modern, comfortable and stylish living space for a young family. The owners of this three-room apartment are a young couple, both working in the field of finance. In the architectural bureau, they asked to create a quiet space with a complex neutral shade of walls and warm color accents. As a background shade, the architects chose the popular pearl gray today, and they decided to dilute it with various variations of red and pink. Architectural bureau KYD BURO KYD BURO are four architects-designers: Pavel Kobets, Andrei Yankovsky, Dmitry Dubrovsky and Stanislav Klyatsky. Behind each of them is not only a serious profile education, but also extensive experience in the design and implementation of residential and public interiors both in Russia and abroad. Their advantages are healthy perfectionism, great experience and wide geography of projects. Layout The architecture of the Stalinist house, in which the apartment is located, influenced the design features and layout: the bureau team had to work with high ceilings, large windows, a long corridor and a bearing wall between the living room and the rest of the premises. Along the latter was formed corridor enfilade type, from which you can get to the bedroom, study, bathroom and kitchen. Given the wishes of customers, the architects left the rooms isolated from each other, and the main dining group was taken to, placing a small breakfast table in the kitchen. Entrance hall In a small hallway there is a wardrobe withTwo rods for clothes in the upper part and drawers for shoes in the lower. The facade was illuminated by two lamps with directional light to emphasize its texture. In the center of the hallway, a lantern was hung, to which the suite of the corridor goes. The same lamp is opposite - at the entrance to the bathroom. Behind the hinged mirror in the frame is hidden the electrical panel, and the white and red banquet serves as the only bright spot in this zone. Architectural bureau KYD BURO: - Visually, we selected a hallway zone with a floor covering - a "carpet" of cement tiles. The same tile, but in a different color scheme is duplicated in the kitchen and sequentially connects the apartment space. The figure of the facade of the built-in cabinet repeats the pattern of the floor carpet, only on a larger scale. Corridor Due to the design features of the house, the corridor turned out to be elongated and required visual techniques to reduce its length and height. To do this, the architects used caissons and buisers on the walls and dyed in a fairly dense chocolate shade to visually reduce the height of the room. Also in this zone it was decided to keep the original brickwork and place photos on its background. Living-dining room Public spaceconditionally divided into two functional areas: the dining room and the living room, which are separated by a console located behind the sofa with table lights. An additional tool for zoning is the frame on the walls. The dining area is represented by a dining table with a seating for six people, a console with drawers that is used for storing appliances and serving, and two symmetrical buffets. In the recreation area there is a light sofa group with a transparent coffee table, and on the contrary, between the two windows, there is a chest of drawers with media equipment. Interior of the living room is made in light pearl shades with interspersed pink and bright green. Kitchen Kitchen designed in the American spirit: a light L-shaped set from floor to ceiling, a sink under the window and a table top that continues the sill, which has a grille for convection and revision of the radiator. To the right of the dishwasher is a dishwasher, and to the right is a small monotemperature wine cabinet. The apron is made of glazed tiles of handmade individual workmanship, and the kitchen countertop is slightly wound on it for practical reasons. Opposite the headset is a small dining room with an illuminated stand for glasses. Bedroom Because the bedroom is a chamber room andintended for recreation, for it the architects chose a more "dense" and a deeper color scheme than for the other rooms. The beds were accentuated and decorated with a simulated plaster brick, which echoes the original masonry in the corridor. Against her background, a bedside table from the Petersburg company Rooma Design and a dressing table companion were located. At the opposite wall a chest of drawers with a TV set above it and a decorative light installation on the right were installed. Bedside lamps are chosen in contrast tothe texture of the brick, and in the space of the "ears" of the bed were built sconces for reading. All lamps in the bedroom have a three-position inclusion, due to which each of the family members can turn off any of them with the key on their side. Architectural bureau KYD BURO: - There were no special difficulties in the design. They appeared more likely at the implementation stage in the search for suppliers and contractors for the manufacture of cabinet and free-standing furniture. So, the wardrobe with the coplanar opening system in the hall was opened in the process by the "accordion", and in the bedroom, due to the high cost of the hardware, the cabinet with the same system turned into a hinged cabinet. In this interior were used: Entrance hall:

  • cement slabs - Mosaico del Sur (Spain).

Living-dining room:

  • soft furniture, chests of drawers, coffee table - production group "More style" (Russia);
  • fixtures - Hudson Valley (USA), Visual Comfort (USA), Ralph Lauren (USA);
  • carpets - The Rug Company (Great Britain);
  • textiles - Texterior (Russia).


  • furniture is made to order according to sketches of designers;
  • chairs - Kartell (Italy);
  • The dining table is made to order according to the sketches of designers;
  • lamp above the table - Hudson Valley (USA);
  • cement slabs - Mosaico del Sur (Spain).


  • bed - Rooma Design (Russia);
  • bedside tables, dressing table and chest of drawers - Rooma Design (Russia);
  • bedside lamps - Zara Home (Spain);
  • Chair - Kartell (Italy);
  • chandelier - Visual Comfort (USA);
  • light installation is made to order according to sketches of designers.